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Hillary's dream still alive

For Hillary Clinton, State Department is merely a stop on way to presidency

Newspaper columns, radio shows, and television programs today will likely feature a long series of stories along the lines of “Hillary and me” and “friends talk about Hillary Clinton.” Everyone will be saying that she was or is among their best friends.


However, that’s nonsense. Hillary Clinton is first and foremost a friend of herself. All the others, and at this time this includes her husband too, are mere means in her eyes en route to reaching her target: Pennsylvania Avenue - the White House.


This time around she missed the target, yet those who are familiar with this ambitious and talented lady know that it is impossible for her to give up this dream. She will get there eventually. Clinton will not rest until she becomes the president of the United States of America.


The post of secretary of state, which Barack Obama handed to her Monday on a silver platter, is merely one stop – and an important one at that – en route to realizing her ultimate dream. Along the way, her only friends will be the ones who help her make this dream come true.


We can and should be jealous of Barack Obama: Not only does he have an impressive gallery of figures at his disposal, in the US today there is an atmosphere of great desire to help him and be on his side. Yesterday, he added Hillary Clinton to his team.


The Israeli angle

We are of course interested in the Israeli angle. Upon Clinton’s appointment, there will be many observers who characterize her as a “friend of Israel,” and she is indeed a friend. Yet make no mistake about it: Clinton is indeed a friend of Israel, but now she will be serving as America’s secretary of state. She is American, and will first of all do what is good for America.


She is tough, sharp-minded, and opinionated. When she directs a stare that is not so pleasant at her interlocutors, one would do well to understand that it would be better to heed her advice or instructions.


When she takes up the post of secretary of state, on January 20th, 2009, whoever is Israel’s prime minister at that time would do well to enter the trenches, and perhaps even put a helmet on their head.


Clinton wants to succeed. This is what her story is all about. Her ambition is sky high, and she will do first and foremost what is good and right for American. And yes, she is also a friend of Israel.


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