Livni. Warning Hamas
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Hermesh: Attempting to retain sanity
Mofaz: Israel will not tolerate Hamas regime
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Livni: Israel will act against Hamas

During conference of identification with Qassam-riddled south Kadima chairwoman says 'Israel will not allow Middle East to become neighborhood of bullies, hatred, incitement, and terror'

The Kadima Party made a last minute decision Wednesday to alter the theme of its celebratory convention, and instead to hold a rally of identification with the southern residents of Israel, who were pelted with artillery from Gaza throughout the day.


Kadima Director-General Moshe Shehori opened the event by saying, "On a day such as this there is no place for an elections ceremony, but rather for a convention that will support and unite us all."


Chairwoman Tzipi Livni said, "We have convened in order to present a leadership that will guide Israel." She said that the party had decided to alter the theme of the conference because "while we sit here in Jerusalem, the southern residents are being attacked."


In her speech, Livni stressed that "there is government in Israel. The government has the responsibility and the IDF has the power to alter this reality. Israel will not allow the Middle East to become a neighborhood with bullies, hatred, incitement, and terror.


"I advise Hamas – don't delude yourselves. Our desire for peace and quiet does not soften our will to act in the face of kidnappings and threats. The desire for peace does not quell the desire to act when necessary, and it is necessary now."


MK Shai Hermesh made a speech over the telephone as he was forced to remain in a bomb shelter with his family, with whom he resides Kfar Aza, in the Gaza vicinity.


"The Qassams and the mortar shells fall without warning and they are unbelievably dangerous. The missiles have created a feeling of shock, but the people of the kibbutz have been attempting to retain sanity," Hermesh said.


Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said, "We cannot accept the reality of a regime of terror imposing horror and fear on the children of Israel. Israel will not accept Hamas' regime in the long run."


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