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Jewish Home party dissolving
MK Ariel informs Knesset House Committee of Tekuma faction's secession from new right-wing party; move will force Jewish Home to change its Knesset roster

The Jewish Home party appears poised to dissolve. Ynet discovered Thursday evening that Knesset Member Uri Ariel called to inform the Knesset House Committee of the Tekuma faction's secession from the new right-wing party, which was the great hope of the National Religious Movement. MK David Tal approved the request.


Ariel's move, coming on the heels of the resignations of Benny Alon and his Moledet faction, will force Jewish Home to change its Knesset roster ahead of the upcoming elections, set for February 10.


"Despite the genuine efforts of rabbis and public leaders, party members were unable to reach an understanding that would permit the loyalists of the Land of Israel to be true partners in the party's leadership," said Ariel, who was given the third slot on the party's list.


Rabbis and rightist members of Jewish Home held intensive talks this past week with the aim of establishing a new party in light of their disappointment from Jewish Home's Knesset roster.


On Tuesday Ariel met with Jewish Home Chairman Rabbi Hershkowitz, after a draft agreement was relayed to the rabbis of the Tekuma faction. According to the agreement, Hershkowitz, Ariel and MK Zevulun Orlev would be the dominant figures within Jewish Home, and in case of any disagreement between them the chairman would decide on the party's course of action.


On Thursday a group of rabbis headed by Dov Lior, chairman of the Yesha rabbinical council, rejected the document, a decision that prompted Ariel's resignation.


Jewish Home was created by a merger of the National Religious Party (NRP) and the National Union, which itself was a merger of the smaller parties Moledet, Tekuma and Achi.


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