Aerial assaults on Gaza
Photo: AFP

IDF stations artillery batteries near Gaza

Military deploys cannons near Strip as backup for possible ground incursion. Artillery to be used according to rigorous protocol, in order to avoid harming civilians, says army source

Military preparations for a possible ground incursion into the Gaza Strip as part of Operation Cast Lead continued on Sunday, as the IDF stationed an artillery battery opposite the Strip, for the first time in a year.


According to military sources, the battery was deployed as back up for any future ground incursion. The artillery, they added, would be used according to the IDF's most rigorous protocol, in order to avoid harming innocent civilians.


The defense establishment has been consulting with its legal experts on the legality of using artillery fire on Gaza. The discussions, prompted by past reports suggesting such fire resulted in severe civilian casualties, lead to the defense establishment subjecting such fire to the strictest protocol possible.


One of the precautionary measures calls for artillery fire to be used only by proxy of an officer carrying the rank of major-general.


The air raids over the Gaza Strip continued throughout Sunday, as fighter jets targeted dozens of tunnels on Philadelphi Route, along the Israeli-Egyptian border.


The IAF confirmed the strike, saying the 40 tunnels used to smuggle weapons and terrorists into Gaza were destroyed.


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