'Nothing to gain from ground incursion'
Photo: Hanan Greenberg

Secure ceasefire now

Israel has nothing to gain from ground incursion; we must aim to secure truce soon

Israel has nothing to gain from the continuation of its assault on Gaza. Strip residents will not be rebelling against the Hamas regime there. Gaza will not see the emergence of a new regime that is sympathetic to Israel.


A ground assault on the Strip could lead to entanglement in the Gaza swamp; compared to it, the Lebanese swamp is merely a puddle.


A million and a half people live in the Gaza Strip in crowded conditions of poverty, suffering, and under siege. These people are not about to become fans of Israel and their consciousness will not be “etched” by us.


Hamas is at fault for the escalation in Gaza. Had it not been for its provocations and bombardments, there would be no need for the Israeli operation. Yet this operation must have limited objectives: Israel has no other goal except for securing, as soon as is possible, a full and absolute ceasefire that brings tranquility and calm to our border.


Such truce would go into effect in exchange for easing the siege and closure imposed on Gaza. The earlier Israel calls for a complete cessation of hostiles on both sides of the border, with the support and mediation of Arab states that are not Hamas fans, the better it would be for us.


The operation in the Gaza Strip needs to end as soon as possible, and without a ground incursion, along with an end to the bombardment of Israeli communities.


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