Hanoch Daum
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Your opinion is irrelevant

Hanoch Daum informs anti-war protestors that their views are of no significance at this time

Dear protestors, Arab Israelis, and citizens of the world:


We are in favor of the democratic right of every person to rally in favor whatever he or she feel like, even if we are talking about Israeli citizens demonstrating against their country at a time of war.


After all, we no longer have too many expectations of the Arab-Israeli leadership, headed by Knesset Member Muhammad Barakeh.


Yet nonetheless, and with all due respect, we wish to tell you something at this time: Your views do not really make a difference to us right now. At this moment, when we are fighting for the wellbeing of southern residents, the level of support we receive from you does not matter to us too much. It is irrelevant.


The important thing is that tens of thousands of Israeli citizens will be able to live a normative life; the kind of life where no Grad or any other kind of rocket would be landing on their heads in the middle of the street.


This may sound a little odd, yet if in order to secure this kind of normative life we need to turn the lives of Gaza residents into hell, then with great regret this is precisely what we shall be doing.


We would of course be happy to only hurt Hamas terrorists in surgical strikes, yet this is a little difficult to achieve when the terrorists are operating in the midst of the civilian population in Gaza.


You may be surprised about this, yet when it comes to a choice between the option of allowing southern Israel residents to continue being hurt and the option of hitting the terrorists with full force, while realizing that innocent civilians in Gaza will be hurt too along the way, we choose to side with our own citizens. How weird indeed.


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot something else: We already withdrew from the Gaza Strip. A long time ago. Perhaps you repressed this minor detail, yet we uprooted settlements, just the way you like it. We expelled Jews from their homes, in line with our own decision, just in order to get out of Gaza. We carried a brutal transfer to the residents of Gush Katif just to secure some peace and quiet.


So next time you ask us to evacuate settlements, ask yourselves what we’ll be getting in return.


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