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Israelis seek alternatives to Turkey vacations
In light of rising tensions with Turkey following Gaza war, growing number of Israelis who originally planned to spend Passover in Antalya now looking for friendlier destinations
Israeli travel agencies have recently started preparing alternatives for the traditional Passover vacations in all-inclusive resorts in Turkey for their clients, in light of the rising tensions in relations with the country, brought about by Israel's offensive in Gaza.


"There's certainly a problem," said Eti Gwili, CEO of the Issta travel company Saturday. "Even according to the most optimistic predictions, Israelis won't return to Antalya before the summer."


Gwili believes that during Passover Israelis will prefer to vacation elsewhere. She noted that several workers' committees, including that of the Israel Electric Company, have already informed travel agents that they wish to send their employees to other destinations.


Some 35,000 Israelis were expected to spend the holiday in Antalya resorts before the war in Gaza broke out. Eyal Kashdan of the Flying Carpet travel agency said that Israelis will instead be offered vacation packages in Varna or Burgas in Bulgaria and hotels in Cyprus and the Greek islands, mainly Rhodes and Crete.


Barcelona is also expected to be a hot destination this spring, as well as Prague and Budapest.


According to estimates in the travel industry, many of those who originally planned to go to Turkey would prefer to spend the Passover holiday in Israel, and mainly in Eilat, making up for the weakening in incoming tourism.


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