Iranian satellite
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Focus on real threats

Israelis should focus on Iran threat, rather than smalltime election issues

Iran launched a satellite into space the other day, yet the news reports about it were confined to the back pages of the press, as if it is no big deal. After all, the Jews already have several satellites in space, and one more of them, even if it belongs to the Iranians, will not make much of a difference.


We care much more about what Bibi told Barak in a secret meeting photographed by all media outlets, and whether he promised child allowances to be boosted in line with Shas’ requests following the upcoming elections.


Indeed, it is not the satellite that should be worrying the people of Israel. Rather, it is the launching capability that should (should? Must!) make every security officials and the entire nation lose sleep at this time.


On board the Titanic

The implication of Iranian success in utilizing the launching means is what matters to us, and its implication is that an Iranian missile can reach and explode almost anywhere on the face of this earth, and certainly when it comes to the western hemisphere.


And if they can equip such missiles with a nuclear warhead, God help us all.


There are less than 10 countries in the world today that belong to this exclusive club and possess such capabilities. This is what must be at the top of our agenda today and tomorrow, rather than what Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef said and who he spoke with.


What were they dancing on board the Titanic the moment it collided with the iceberg that caused it to sink into the deep sea? Waltz? Tango? Or perhaps it was the Hora? 


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