Photo: Anat Bereshkovsky
Vicky Knafo
Photo: Anat Bereshkovsky
Netanyahu hasn’t changed
Vicky Knafo says nation suffers from amnesia, Bibi’s expertise is making promises

The votes of the soldiers and sailors won’t make a difference: Benjamin Netanyahu will likely form the next government. There is no hint of optimism that someone else will lead it.


I am saddened by the people’s short memory. I would like to remind everyone that Bibi has not changed and the system he uses has remained the same: He is an expert on making promises. Even those who have joined forces with him by now, such as Begin and Meridor, said so in the past, yet today they are a part of his Knesset list. This just goes to show that the nation suffers from amnesia and the leaders only care about their post. They have no principles.


The first party that believed me and supported my protest march was Shas, yet this time around those who chose Shas also chose Netanyahu. They of all people, who used to object to his budget cuts, are now supporting him. This stirs great anger within me. Yishai’s move proves, yet again, that the leaders only care about themselves.


I believe that Netanyahu’s policies hurt not only me and not only a specific population sector, but rather, many other sectors. Our middle class also disintegrated because of his policies. The crashing high-tech industry makes more and more people understand what I already stated in the past.


I would very much like to still see the parties that carry the banner of social issues. I am very saddened by the fact that Meretz, the only party that still held it up, collapsed and cannot be a powerful element when it comes to decision-making.


Prepare for revolution 

People very much understand what’s happening in reality, yet they find it convenient to believe the promises and forget the present. Most of them don’t really believe in change. Most of them are embittered yet they do nothing. I am saddened by the fact that I did not see the rise of someone I could follow, instead of people following me.


We shall have a revolution here and it’s not too far away. It will be scary. After all, us the people will have to pay for the last war and damages it has created. It won’t be Bibi or Tzipi who need to pay. Bibi symbolizes capitalism and America, and this is what we shall have here – the wealthy at the top, who are closely affiliated with the government, will become stronger, the middle class will be pulverized, and the rest shall remain at the bottom. We shall have a ruling class and a ruled class here.


We will bemoan this disaster for generations to come, and what a pity that is. After all, reality can be changed. There are many leaders who are better than Netanyahu. Yet as nothing has changed, it will blow up in everyone’s face. All those who were in his previous government will also be in his next government and approve the budget cuts. If even Rabin’s son shakes his hand, where is our hope?


However, I am not despaired, as I did not finish this war. I hope that other people will stand up to fight it. I have not yet vacated the shoes I walked in. My banner is still waiting. At this time I’m stronger than ever and I feel that it’s never too late. I still believe that we can bring a change; otherwise, we shall greatly regret it.


Vicky Knafo is a social activist


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