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Establishment's new toy

B. Michael says politicians to focus on 'changing system' instead of dealing with real issues

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We can say that it isn't the "system" that screwed the State, but rather, it's the State that screwed the system.


Those who are even a little familiar with political science know well that there are numerous election methods and systems of government out there, yet none of them is perfect. All of them have their ups and downs, and none of them shall salvage Israel.


Yet all this available knowledge won't weaken the resolve of Israeli's political establishment. It will wholeheartedly dedicate itself to "changing the system"; that is, a vigorous, loud, and mostly pointless and foolish search for some constitutional solution that would overcome the annoying realities and elicit longer and more stable terms in office for our politicians, thereby of course bringing a wondrous cure for all the ills faced by rotting Israeli society.


Moreover, the escapist desire of politics will also be rewarded. After all, it always adopts some kind of fateful and dull issue to deal with passionately, thereby absolving itself of the need to deal with the burdensome essence.


This is what the disengagement was all about, this is what the cyclical discussions in respect to a hopeless "constitution" are all about, and this is what the lively preoccupation with the "Iranian threat" is all about. Even the last two wars were no more than a diversion and somewhat exaggerated attempt to get away from the truly important issues.


"Changing the system" is from now on the establishment's new toy. The establishment shall amuse itself with it with great dedication and enthusiasm. We shall see supporters and rivals, many proposals and debates, and things will get interesting.


As long as we don't need to get entangled with some kind of decision in respect to the future of the territories, the outline of a future agreement, the evacuation of settlements, the moral decline of religion, corruption, the spread of fascism, the fundamentalist takeover of the army and education system, and other bothersome trivialities of this sort.


Because there is no time for all of these. We need to "change the system." Not too quickly, however. At least two years shall be required to do it. Perhaps more that that. As long as the system has not been replaced, please don't disturb the rulers.


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