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Bibi betrayed his voters

Rightist voters who backed Netanyahu betrayed by Bibi's deal with Barak

A total of 65 Knesset members endorsed Benjamin Netanyahu in their meeting with the president and recommended that he form the next government and head it. With this dowry he embarked on coalition negotiations. However, it turns out that he never really intended to bring all his endorsers into the coalition. Some of them, such as members of National Union, simply appalled him apparently. He didn't exactly like the others too. We can assume with complete certainty that he would have liked, more than anything, to head a government that includes Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni.


When this didn't quite work out, we got the same old infamous Bibi; a tireless manipulator who does not take his voters into consideration, thinking only of himself. What do the many voters who shifted their support from blatantly rightist parties to Likud in order to ensure Netanyahu defeats Livni think now?


It appears that some of Likud's Knesset members became nauseous in recent days, after realizing that their premiership candidate promised Ehud Barak to honor everything past Israel's government committed to, including the approach that seeks to ultimately culminate with the two-state solution – the new golden calf that replaced its predecessor, "land for peace." This reminds many of Netanyahu's previous term in office, where he continued the foolish "Oslo process" despite his pledges during the elections campaign and handed over Hebron, the second most important city to the Jewish people, with the stinking deal referred to as "Bar-On Hebron" in the backdrop.


As opposed to Labor party voters, National Union expresses the positions of rightist voters who objected to Ariel Sharon's disengagement and supported Netanyahu as prime minister. Bringing Labor into his coalition is an indecent act vis-à-vis his voters. They wanted a bloc of 65 MKs that would lead moves in line with their views, yet the Likud-Labor government, which shall include former Peace Now members, will do the exact opposite. This is not the prime minister I voted for.


It's called fraud 

It is clear that election pledges do not constitute a binding agreement, and that party platforms have no legal value. A premiership candidate owes nothing to those who recommended him to the president. At the same time, there is an element of deception here. Tzipi Livni won more mandates than Netanyahu, but failed to enlist enough supporters to endorse her to the president. Netanyahu, on the other hand, arrived at the president with many endorsers, but he never considered bringing some of them into his government.


It is unclear whether those who endorsed him to the president realized they are part of an ugly manipulation, but Livni, who only demanded a little rotation, certainly guessed the truth.


There was apparently nobody who didn't know that Netanyahu had no intention of heading a government comprising those who endorsed him, but nobody spoke up. I don't know why it happened, but we can assume that many of those who kept silent also did not want National Union in the government.


This is what we got at the end of the day: A government without National Union and possibly without United Torah Judaism, yet with many of Avigdor Lieberman's "soldiers" and with Peace Now veterans, who will certainly make sure that Netanyahu needs National Union's help to push back "peace assaults" from within the government.


In everyday life, such acts are known as fraud.


Dr. Haim Misgav is an attorney and criminal law lecturer at the Netanya Academic College


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