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Kadima wants viva voce vote on new government

Outgoing ruling party seeks induction of new cabinet done via personal vote in order to embarrass rivaling Labor, show public 'exactly who voted for new spendthrift government'

Opposition ahead: Kadima petitioned the Knesset Secretariat on Monday asking that it orders Tuesday's induction ceremony for Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu's new government be led by a viva voce vote – a personal vote – rather then an electronic one.


Netanyahu officially asked the Knesset to hold a swearing in ceremony for his government at 5 pm Tuesday. Having a personal vote means that Knesset members would be eligible to vote for – or against – the new cabinet, only after their name is called.


Kadima's move is meant to embarrass the Labor Party, by de facto polling its ministers and Knesset members, "so that the Israeli public can see exactly who voted for this spendthrift government, which is already handing out unnecessary positions," said Knesset Member Yoel Hasson, chairman of the Kadima faction.


The centrist party also plans anther front against Netanyahu's 30-minister cabinet, as Monday morning saw MK Yohanan Plesner present the Knesset with a bill calling to limit the number of ministers in any government to 18. A previous bill to that effect was brought before the House by the Likud and was lauded by Netanyahu.


"There is a stark contrast between the monumental inflation in the number of ministers and the dissection of government offices into tiny crumbs. This is outrageous spending of the taxpayers' money and a surefire recipe for a failing government," Plesner said.


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