'Identifies with Palestinians.' Obama
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Beware our American friend

Saying ‘no’ to Obama won’t necessarily undermine our friendship with US

Barak Obama has a lovely personality, and moreover, the holiday of freedom brings together the blacks and the Jews, who were among the greatest fighters for African-American equality. Still, we were hurt by Condoleezza Rice, who identified us with the white people who persecuted her during childhood, while viewing the Palestinians as the persecuted party.


Meanwhile, Obama’s rivals referred to him as “Hussein,” his middle name, in order to slam him. Yet in his recent visit to the Turkish parliament, his hosts happened to emphasize his “Hussein-ness,” and such things are coordinated with the guest. Obama, who has urged us to put ourselves in the shoes of the Palestinians, not only backs them; he also identifies with them.


We shall fee the difference soon. Barack Hussein Obama’s policy cornerstone is the establishment of “Palestine,” on the assumption this will extract the Americans from the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan, destroy the Taliban in Pakistan, and appease Iran.


Often when referring to cancer, people prefer to talk about “this disease, you know.” Around here we talk about “the price, you know,” in order not to go into detail about what shall be left here after Palestine is established. They speak cautiously, as one would address a patient before amputation.


Yet in the face of the razor-sharp ultimatum we can expect from Obama, enough with the hints: Imagine a border at Jerusalem’s Jaffa gate, with armed Palestinians standing on the Old City’s wall. Imagine a Dead Sea that is half in Jordan, and 50% of the remaining half belonging to Palestine.


Imagine a Negev divided into two near Kiryat Gat by a Palestinian bridge, and a Gazan demographic flood pouring into Jerusalem and the doorstep of our cities. Imagine Ben-Gurion covered by shoulder-held missiles deployed in the ruins of the Beit Aryeh settlement, thereby prompting us to move our international airport to the Negev.


Imagine Israel without the Jordan Rift Valley and without the Golan Heights.


300,000 new refugees

We shall have 300,000 new expelled citizens, with fears of a minor civil war, in addition to a “Return from Palestine” tax in order to finance homes and jobs for the Jewish refugees. Some of them will move into the apartments of Israelis who will leave the country once the terror and missile fire resume.


We shall have bars and their girls making a living off NATO troops, who shall be deployed here in a dual capacity: Serving as a security prosthesis for our amputated land, and defending the Arabs from us. Their deployment would symbolize the new status of Israel and Palestine as areas under the auspices and monitoring of the International Quartet, in line with the original goal of the Road Map – both of them shall be sovereign just like Kosovo is.


And so, the independence of our “third Temple” would turn out to be shorter than the independence of the Hasmoneans, who ruled between the bouts of Greek and Roman control, and many would choose to live in modern-day Rome – that is, America – instead of being occupied by it here.


An Israeli author, who lamented the rightist camp’s elections victory, comforted himself with the hope that Obama would force us to compromise. This author is not scared by the frightening outcome, only a small part of which was described above.


However, the vast majority of people in this nation are not deterred by the warning issued by the peace camp – that is: if we refuse to accommodate Obama, we shall lose his friendship. Because what kind of a friend is the one who shoves a shovel into your hand so you can dig your own grave?


On the contrary: Golda, Rabin, and Begin were able to say “No!” to America, and the friendship was preserved.


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