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Why outposts first?

Based on his rhetoric, Bibi’s agenda seemed to be topped by Iran, Qassams

In response to rightist criticism, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s close associates argued that even before the elections he made it clear that he will not go easy on Judea and Samaria outposts. And that’s true.


You will not be able to find a Netanyahu election pledge to expand the outposts if you look through the archives. When it comes to this charged and burning issue at least, it is hard to accuse him of deception. Those who voted for him deceived themselves, and that’s their problem. It’s a chronic problem on the Right.


Throughout his lengthy campaign, the Likud candidate declared that he only endorses legal settlements, and we will not discuss here the precise legal status of the outposts. Everyone knew what Netanyahu meant, and one cannot play dumb now.


On the other hand, Netanyahu also excels at playing dumb. He dealt with the question of outposts in a very marginal manner during his campaign. He only addressed the issue when journalists asked him about it. Nobody imagined that this would be his first order of business upon his entry to the Prime Minister’s Office.


Based on his rhetoric during the campaign, it appeared that first he would bomb Iran, put an end to the Qassam phenomenon, make economic peace with the Palestinians, cut taxes, and boost the education budget. Only later, if there was time left, he would impose law and order beyond the Green Line.


Conduct reminiscent of Sharon

Now it turns out that Netanyahu is starting with what was meant to be last; outposts first. He is indeed not uprooting them eagerly, as Olmert did in Amona, yet his immediate charge against them reveals a deceptive priority order, which is reminiscent of Ariel Sharon’s conduct.


The Likud has not yet recovered from the destruction of its ideological infrastructure during the time of the Gaza disengagement, but it is again vigorously undermining itself. Its elected leader again volunteers to serve as the contractor for the opposition’s caprices.


Instead of celebrating his return to the Prime Minister’s Office by laying 10 cornerstones in Samaria, Netanyahu rushes to issue demolition orders for 20 outposts located there. Officials at Likud headquarters are apparently eager to prove, in line with their old elections slogan, that “only Likud can do it.


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