Jimmy Carter in Gaza
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Carter’s shameless tears

Mideast residents have shed many tears because of ex-president’s Iran policy

During his visit to the Gaza Strip Tuesday, Jimmy Carter stated that he had to “hold back his tears” in the face of the destruction suffered by Palestinian residents. It is indeed an irony of fate that his comments coincides with the post-election unrest in Iran, as brave civilians in Tehran and elsewhere are being shot on the streets while protesting the vote debacle. Is Carter crying for them too?


After all, the Iranian revolution that brought the Ayatollahs to power occurred on Carter’s watch. Moreover, the Islamic revolt in Tehran, attributed at least in part to the former president’s actions and misdeeds, epitomizes the grave implications that policies adopted by leaders of Carter’s ilk may bring to the region.


It was then-President Carter, who in the name of “human rights” and similarly noble notions in essence encouraged the revolution, while forbidding Iran’s Shah from forcefully dispersing protests against his regime. Carter conveniently ignored the fact that these rallies were being orchestrated by radical clerics who were not quite human rights champions themselves.


For the past 30 years, not only Iranians have been paying the price for Carter’s folly, but rather, residents of the region and indeed of the entire world. Some of the events that followed the Islamic revolution include the American embassy hostage-taking, the bloody Iran-Iraq war, and the emergence of the Iran-backed Hizbullah in Lebanon.


For the past decades, Iran has been the main terror-sponsor worldwide, ranging from the support it offers the likes of Hamas and Hizbullah to the assassination of dissidents in Europe. Tehran also played a key role in devastating attacks such as the bombings of Jewish and Israeli targets in Argentina in the 1990s.


At this time, under the leadership of a Holocaust-denying lunatic, Tehran is making steady progress towards acquiring nuclear weapons, while threatening to wipe another state off the map.


Endorsing extremist Muslim entity

Carter has indeed good reason to cry for Gaza residents, who are suffering under the tyranny of yet another radical Muslim regime. As he did 30 years ago, he ignores the fact that for all intents and purposes he is endorsing an extremist Muslim entity.


Again, the former president conveniently “forgets” that Hamas took power in Gaza through a violent coup that featured the cold-blooded execution of rivals. Once in power, Hamas used its newly acquired territory for the purpose of firing thousands of missiles at Israeli communities, with the declared aim of hurting civilians. Israel’s response and the destruction in Gaza are a direct result of Hamas’ actions, yet Carter is apparently busy looking elsewhere and shedding his shameless tears for the benefit of a ruthless terror organization.


While he has already shown indifference to Israeli casualties, the former president may be forgetting that Hamas is responsible for the killing of US citizens as well.


Mr. Carter, you have caused enough damage already while in office. Please, spare us your tears and go back to Georgia; residents of the Middle East have been shedding tears for many years now as result of your foolishness.


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