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The great fraud

Iranian elections debacle attests to Tehran’s great fear of the truth

The stolen presidential election in Iran is shocking in its chutzpah and blatancy. Why was this “democratic” show necessary? Just to ultimately publish the pre-planned Ahmadinejad victory?


Below are 10 reasons why the declared results constitute no less than a reversal of what the people wanted:


1. The massive turnout rate of more than 70% stemmed from one motive: The desire to get rid of Ahmadinejad. There was great participation of women, seeking a candidate who would annul the obligation to cover their heads and grant them a greater role in public life; young Iranians who are seeking a different Iran also voted en masse.


2. The central elections committee is subordinated to Ahmadinejad’s people. Immediately after the polling stations closed, the committee declared that Ahmadinejad is the big winner. How exactly did it know this?


3. Official Iranian media outlets belong to Ahmadinejad and to the Ayatollah regime, which backs the president completely. These outlets not only supported him and encouraged Iranians to vote for him, but also reported, minutes after the polling stations closed, that he achieved a great victory.


4. Candidate Mousavi claims that millions of voters were prevented from casting their ballots, even though voting hours were extended. He says these millions could have made a difference. He also charged that there was a shortage of his ballots at polling stations, and that his observers were prevented from entering many voting sites.


5. A day before the elections, authorities forbade the usage of cell phone text messages. Who sends such messages? Young Iranians and the intelligentsia; Mousavi’s fans. Opposition papers were shut down on presidential orders, websites belonging to Ahmadinejad opponents were also shut down, and their followers were beaten up by police, which of course belong to Ahmadinejad. Thugs were hired by someone to beat up the aides of other candidates, break into their offices, threaten them, and sow fear.


6. Across the Arab world, national regimes fake election results as not to allow political Islam to take power. Yet in Iran it is precisely political Islam that fakes the results, as not to allow Persian nationalism to triumph. Both of them fake, and therefore both of them are phony.


7. If you wished to know the extent of the pre-planned fabricated victory by Ahmadinejad, you could have looked at Mubarak’s wins. Mubarak planned his own victory margins five times already: around 65%, more or less. And what did Ahmadinejad get?


8. The more reformist candidate, Mehdi Karrubi, supposedly won 0.8% of the vote? This figure was assigned in order to humiliate him, no less. Many teenagers have made him their new guru. So how could less than one percent have voted for him, in a country where the majority of residents are young? The 2.3% figure assigned to Revolutionary Guards’ legendary commander, Mohsen Rezaeei, whom hundreds of thousands of Guards members owe so much to, was meant to silence him. It was meant to remove him from the next race. Everything was pre-planned and staged in advance.


9. The Iranian people are simply “overjoyed” by the flourishing economy, the low unemployment rate, the huge participation rate in the labor force, the end of international isolation, the skyrocketing GDP, and Iran’s excellent international image. The people were so pleased that they supposedly rushed to vote for the man who brought up all these “achievements” – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


10. This is the most important point: The regime is shaking in its boots over the prospect of seeing the emergence of a sort of new Gorbachev, seemingly a member of the regime, who would go on to betray it. This is why a senior Revolutionary Guards member warned against the prospect of an Eastern Europe-style velvet revolution, and declared that his organization will not let this materialize. And that’s what was done.


This is yet another example of the culture of lies, which prompted Nasrallah to declare a “divine victory” despite suffering a terrible defeat, and which prompted Hamas to declare a victory despite suffering a grave blow; now, the culture of lies prompted Ahmadinejad’s fabricated victory.

What does all this attest to? The great weakness of Iran and its allies, great fear of the truth, and especially fear of what’s in store. 


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