Hanoch Daum
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Sarkozy, you're out of line
Hanoch Daum slams French president over inappropriate Lieberman remarks

Honorable French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, you went way overboard. You really did go too far.


I do not remember anyone here in Israel arguing that you are unfit for political office after it turned out that a significant part of your vacations, even after you won the French elections, were taken at the expense of wealthy individuals and businesspeople.


Do you know why nobody here in Israel spoke out against you, Dear President? Well, because here in Israel, the people (including the less polite ones) do not tend to interfere in issues that do not pertain to their own state. So for the protocol, sir, we should note the following:


In the last election campaign in Israel, Avigdor Lieberman presented the clearest and sharpest platform. Personally, I chose to vote for the Habayit Hayehudi party, but hundreds of thousands of other Israelis were drawn by Lieberman.


In fact, Lieberman won so many Knesset seats to the point of removing any doubt that the people, or rather, these sections of the population that enjoy less media overage usually, want to see Lieberman granted a very senior leadership position here in Israel.


We apologize that this view is incommensurate with your own positions, Mr. President.

We shall put it this way, Mr. President: The bad news is that there is no intention here in Israel to dismiss Lieberman from his post as foreign minister. The good news is that he you are still married to Carla Bruni, and we are not.


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