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Entebbe operation (Archives)
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3 things to think about
Eitan Haber writes about North Korea, Entebbe Operation, and Hezbollah threat

1. Trouble will come from the north: In the past two days, North Korea fired 10 ballistic missiles of various kinds. And around here some people are saying: So what? What does North Korea have to do with us? A country located thousands of miles away, with a mentally

insane leader, and citizens who eat cabbage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What do they have to do with us? Quite a bit in fact. In the coming hours and days, the entire Free World will closely monitor America’s reaction. And who else will be monitoring it closely? That’s right; the Iranians.


Should the American response amount to a mere “we condemn,” both North Korea and Iran would be able to sound the all-clear siren and continue to disregard America, which got a special present for its 233rd Independence Day – short-range missiles and long-range missiles of all types. They will no longer fear Obama. So what does it have to do with us? Oh, it has so much to do with us. Just something to think about.


2. Entebbe: Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the rescue mission in Entebbe. In fact, Israelis who are under 50 years of age barely know what we’re talking about. However, there are still many around here who have not overcome yet the Entebbe syndrome; that is, the notion that we’re omnipotent. Just look at the Israelis who can’t understand how, after three years in captivity, we don’t know IDF soldier Gilad Shalit’s whereabouts.


Come on already. How could it be that when we still controlled the entire Gaza Strip, for five years we failed to locate the “engineer,” Yahya Ayyash, who masterminded bombings that left many casualties amongst us? We invested tens of thousands of hours, millions of dollars, and great efforts by the army and Shin Bet – yet we still couldn’t find him.


3. Hezbollah: Next week we will mark the third anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, while quiet prevails on the northern border. However, according to news reports, Hezbollah has reorganized and now has the ability to fire hundreds of missiles a day at Israel, including ones that can reach Tel Aviv and beyond.


During the 2006 war, there were plenty of politicians, journalists, and other Israelis who wondered: How did we give Hezbollah six years to get organized, prepared, and equipped? Why didn’t we launch a pre-emptive strike?


Well, we are asking the same question now: If Hezbollah has grown so much stronger, why aren’t we embarking on war now? Why haven’t we done so yesterday, or two days ago? And what about Syria? We know it has been building up a missile arsenal. Why don’t we attack Syria tomorrow morning? And what about Saudi Arabia? Do you have any idea about the weapons acquired by Saudi Arabia in recent years?


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