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Blaming the Jews

Obama resorting to tried and tested ploy: Making friends at Jews’ expense

In World War II, most Europeans willingly supported the Nazis. The reason for this, which most people prefer to silence, is that Germany’s main sex appeal was its anti-Semitism.


In Western Europe, the overwhelming Jewish success in all areas of life prompted great jealousy, while in Eastern Europe the masses believed that the Jews are depriving them of the little they have. The Nazis opened the dams – the legal, religious, and social ones – that protected the Jews against these ill feelings; from that point, it was permissible to openly hate Jews, and also to harm them and damage their property.


Europeans today do not feel comfortable to contend with the fact that the “license” to hunt Jews enabled the Nazi murderers to win the hearts and minds of others.


Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who is currently building a nuclear bomb and deflecting the world’s attention through Holocaust denial and threats to exterminate Israel, is also satisfying pent up sentiments. Even though one-third of them were exterminated, the Jews are again “riding high” – in the media, among the world’s billionaires, among Nobel Prize laureates, and in politics. Moreover, the cheeky Jewish state – a success story in its own right – took over Jerusalem.


Besides, the world doesn’t like to see strong and victorious Jews.


Yet how can one find an outlet for these frustrations in the shadow of the Holocaust, and with anti-Semitism no longer being fashionable? There comes Ahmadinejad, and under the guise of slamming “Israel” – a code-word understood by all – openly calls for the extermination of the Jews. Who knows how many hearts he won by utilizing this Nazi patent.


Ahmadinejad’s great success story is the US president’s intention to meet him halfway, after Obama already reached the midpoint on his own, en route to captivating the hearts of nations fed up with the “ugly American”: the Iranians, the Europeans, the South Americans, and the Arabs. And who has been left out? The Jews and their state, of course.


Settlement issue just a pretext

While seeking a way to get rid of the “friendship” that undermines America’s popularity - a friendship that Israel foolishly highlights to an unrealistic extent - Obama reached the same solution: Acquiring friends worldwide at the expense of the Jews, under the pretense of “Israel” of course.


This is good for public opinion, which blames the “Jewish” Wall Street for the economic crisis, and it’s also received well by the Europeans, who have never ceased to hate Jews and are again seeing them flourishing and taking up key posts. Mostly, this is the “Open Sesame” password aimed at those who will not believe in a “different America” until it parts ways with Israel.


Therefore, it will be naïve to think that because of some remote settlement we lost Obama’s “friendship”; the issue of settlement expansion is just a pretext, and others will follow.


Netanyahu was especially pathetic when he spoke, at the home of the US ambassador to Israel, about a sort of eternal covenant with America. After all, every such public embrace requires the embraced party to show rejection in order to shake off the nuisance.


Why aren’t they telling us the truth; the fact that even today the hatred of Jews opens doors worldwide? Because this insight embarrasses and frustrates assimilated Jews, who hope to be “forgiven” for their Jewishness as long as they smear other Jews. It also embarrasses Jews who view Zionism as a way to assimilate as a collective. Both these groups hoped, in vain, that Zionism will erase the notion of “a people dwelling alone” (Numbers 23:9). However, others view this “stain” as a sign of distinction and source of pride. For them, Obama’s distancing is not the end of the world.


The winds of Jew-hatred are again blowing across the world. Those who have roots will be able to withstand them.


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