Olmert. Facing indictment
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Attorney General Mazuz. Last decision on him
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Racgel Risby-Raz. Indicted
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Olmert waives hearing following first indictment in double-billing affair

Former Prime Minister's attorneys say they are shocked by first indictment in double-billing Rishon Tours affair

Following the indictment filed against Rachael Risby-Raz, the travel coordinator of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, over the double-billing Rishon Tours affair, Olmert's attorneys sent a poignant letter Thursday to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz.


In the letter, the lawyers informed Mazuz of their decision to waive Olmert's right to a preliminary hearing, claiming such hearing is useless as the State Prosecutor's Office appears firm in its intention to indict Olmert.


Thus, the last barrier en route to filing an indictment against Olmert has been removed, leaving the final decision to Mazuz.


Rachael Risby-Raz served as Olmert's travel coordinator during his stint at the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry and as Mayor of the city of Jerusalem in 2002-2006. The indictment indicates that Olmert was the one who directed his subordinates - bureau chief Shula Zaken and Risby-Raz - to obtain finances for travels and fraudulent double financing. Their activity yielded a sum of $92,164 for Olmert.



Olmert's attorneys Eli Zohar, Yehuda Weinstein, Nevot Tel-Tzur and Roi Blechar, accused the State Prosecutor's Office of obtuseness and wrote in their letter to Mazuz that they are currently exploring whether to also waive the hearing right in other affairs Olmert is suspected of, the Talansky affair and the Investment Center case.


A source familiar with the investigation materials said the indictment against Risby-Raz is "a form of glance into the indictment being prepared against Olmert..", and should the former prime minister indeed be indicted, it will be a very similar indictment to the one filed against his aide, with minor changes.



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