'Nakba Law' is back
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Ministers to review revised 'Nakba Law'

Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs will discuss softened version of motion banning marking of 'catastrophe' of Israel's inception. Law's initiator MK Miller: I won't let taxpayers' money be used for anti-Zionist propaganda

The Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs on Sunday will discuss amendments to the motion known as the "Nakba Law," which calls for the banning of Nakba Day - where Arabs mark the refugee flight following Israel's inception.


The motion was first proposed by Yisrael Beiteinu MK Alex Miller and prohibits any State-funded public body or institute from sponsoring certain activities, including Nakba Day.


According to the motion, public bodies that receive support from the State will not be permitted to spend any money on activities that "deny the existence of the State of Israel as the State of the Jewish people; deny the State's democratic character; support an armed struggle or acts of terror by the enemy or terror organizations against the State of Israel; incitement to racism, to violence and terror, and dishonoring the State's flag or the State's symbols".


If the finance minister finds that a State-funded body fails to uphold these conditions, the minister will have the authority to hinder funds to that body.


According to the proposal, "The principal of 'defensive democracy' will be upheld by determining what expenses by government bodies and government-funded bodies are forbidden. In addition, the law will prohibit government bodies or bodies that receive funding from organizing or funding activities that undermine the foundations of the State and contradict its basic values."


Meanwhile, Hadash Member of Knesset Afou Agbaria responded to the report by saying "there is no other way but to restrain Yisrael Beitenu members, especially MK Alex Miller, with straitjackets".


"We expected that after the original bill was crossed off the agenda, Lieberman and his friends will get the message," he said. "The Arab sector will continue marking Nakba Day regardless of the anger of the fascists from Yisrael Beitenu".


Anti-Zionist propaganda

Several weeks ago the original "Nakba Law" caused a public storm, after which the proposal was rejected. To keep the law from being discarded, the motion was amended by MK Miller in cooperation with Government Secretary Zvi Hauser.


"If anyone had any doubts about the previous version of the motion, the entire political spectrum will agree that no sane State would fund activities or incitement against it, since this would be a security threat and complete foolishness. Therefore, I believe that the government will show sweeping support for the proposal," Miller said.


The MK added "I will not let the taxpayers' money to be used for anti-Zionist propaganda by professional terrorist and inciting bodies."


The previous motion prohibited demonstrations on Independence Day and included criminal charges that carried a prison sentence of three years for those who mark Nakba Day.


The amendment means that now, only public and government-funded bodies are forbidden to fund any activities that mark Israel's Independence Day as a day of mourning.


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