Arrow test launch
Photo courtesy of the Israel Aerospace Industries
Arrow missile to simulate interception of Shahab 3
Israeli anti-missile system to be test launched off California coast, simulating real time interception of ballistic missiles of the type used by Iran

A test launch of the Arrow missile and the Oren Adir radar system that is scheduled to be carried out in the Pacific Ocean and the Californian coast, is meant to evaluate the efficiency of the improved Arrow system in real time conditions.


The test launch will simulate the interception of Iranian ballistic missiles, including the Shaba 3 and the Sajil missiles, as well as more advanced missiles Iran has yet to finish developing.


The Israeli system's operators will also test collaboration with the US' missile interception systems, including the Patriot, the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) and Ageis.


Should the test prove successful it would show Israel has a reliable system capable of intercepting long-range ballistic missiles, including missiles carrying nuclear warheads.


The Arrow 2 has already proved effective when it tracked and intercepted a Blue Sparrow missile fired from an IDF fighter jet above the Mediterranean Sea. Due to safety restrictions, the test was conducted in a relatively short range, while the test in the US will allow for the launching of a ballistic missile from a distance of some 620 miles.


The improved Arrow will be integrated in the multilevel defense system currently being developed by Israel. This defense system also includes the Iron Dome anti-rocket system, which underwent a series of successful tests last week.


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