Brigadier General Imad Fares
Photo: Tal Shachar

Imad Fares’ tragedy

Saleh Tarif urges us not to forget disgraced officer’s immense contribution to state

We live in a mad, cruel state that has no mercy for anyone – even for itself. This is our state and these are our lives, as is revealed on occasion, and as we saw this past week in respect to the tragedy of Brigadier General Imad Fares.


I want to make something clear right away: We, members of the Druze sect, do not claim that what was done to Fares was a result of him being Druze. Not at all. The army is allowed and even must make sure to safeguard moral norms. However, it must also not commit suicide.


Four very senior officers have been kicked out of the army because of nonsense – you can refer to it as mistakes or failures – yet the IDF suffered a grave leadership and professional loss.


The anger in our heart stems from the fact that a man like Imad Fares, who has been protecting the country with his body, literally, since the age of 18 and for 30 years, and who saved the lives of many civilians on the northern and Gaza borders because of his “craziness” and “caprices,” has seen his life and the life of his wife turn into hell in one moment.


On one warm day everything has been forgotten, he has become fair game for attacks, and is being slammed mercilessly.


Brigadier General Fares assumed responsibility, and in a moral and noble move decided to quit and pay a heavy personal price – yet they are still not letting go. While he is still bleeding, he is being summoned for an interrogation, as if he was a lowly criminal, while they continue to blast him without any compassion or mercy.


Woe to the army that safeguards its values this way, while failing to protect its brave fighters even at the difficult time after they make a mistake. This is the moment to put an end to this witch-hunt and not forget Fares’ immense contribution to our national security.


The writer is a former Israeli government minister


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