Assaf Wohl

Swedish blood libel

Assaf Wohl writes open letter to Swedish FM over latest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

Dear Mr. Bildt,


Just like the overwhelming majority of Israel’s citizens, up until recently I held great respect for the Swedish nation. Even the trouble I had assembling a closet purchased at IKEA did not change this solid feeling.


However, along with many residents of the truly democratic world, I was surprised to read the “investigative report” published by Aftonbladet. A citizen of your country connected Jews detained in the US to a conspiracy whereby Israelis marketed organs “harvested” from Palestinian casualties. And so, we saw Jews from all parts of the globe brought together for a malevolent ploy combining money, control, and Jewish consumption of human blood.


Initially, I thought this was this was an old “investigative report” sent to Nazi newspaper Der Sturmer that mistakenly made its way to Stockholm. Perhaps, I thought, it was the work of one of the thousands of your “neutral” countrymen who volunteered to serve in the SS. Yet when the truth was revealed, I was surprised.


More than anything, Carl, I find it difficult to grasp how an article that does not meet any journalistic standard gets published in a major newspaper in a democratic and “neutral” country like Sweden. We are dealing with a wholly professional matter here. The “scoop” presented by the reporter made no distinction between “delusions” and “facts”. Is this the level of journalism in Sweden?


And you bother to explain to us, patronizingly, that this is a matter of freedom of speech, as if we were a primitive society unfamiliar with democracy. Yet freedom of speech does not constitute the freedom to lie and incite.


The “Swedish freedom of speech” lie which you boast of is ridiculous. Especially in light of the fact that in 2006 your government shut down a website that published the so-called “Muhammad cartoons.” This sort of silencing is unimaginable in the State of Israel and presents Swedish hypocrisy in all its ugliness.


I do not believe the hateful report stemmed from professional negligence. Both of us know well that it was prompted by anti-Semitism. Sorry, I meant to say “criticism of the State of Israel.” Did you ever ask yourself why is it that only the democratic Jewish State is constantly required to face obsessive criticism? Are the dozens of global dictatorships equally criticized in Sweden?


Excellent educational opportunity

This is no more than a substitute for anti-Semitism. A pathetic imitation injected by addicts to Jew-hatred. After all, you casted for this necrophilia story a bunch of Jews from New Jersey who do not even hold Israeli citizenship (some of them even objects to Israel’s existence.) Hence, don’t hide behind the false veneer of “criticism” for our country.


I’m hopeful that Israel’s Education Ministry will make use of this blood libel. It’s an excellent opportunity to explain “modern-day anti-Semitism” to the young generation that did not experience the Holocaust. From now on, this story will be part of the list of classic blood libels such as the one about “Christian blood for Passover” – what great honor for Sweden’s freedom of speech.


You know, Carl, in 20 years there will likely not be freedom of speech in Sweden. The radical social-democratic approach adopted by Sweden in the past poisoned your public opinion. Paradoxically, it endorsed the importation of violent and anti-democratic immigrants. On the other hand, you made sure to actively condemn the Jewish State, which happens to be the only democracy in the Middle East.


This approach of yours may have been sexy in the 1960s. However, its damage will prompt your downfall as a free society. Believe me, I will regret this no less than you. However, the lie you have been marketing to Swedish citizens is already being exposed in Malmo and in the suburbs of other European cities. On this front, you would do well to start getting used to the kind of freedom of speech customary in the Muslim world.


Yet despite all, Carl, I do not wish to burn the bridges between us. Should ABBA reunite for another concert, consider my words null and void and get me a ticket immediately, regardless of the price. After all, I can understand you. Sympathy for violent aggressors is not unique to you; it is a well known phenomenon in the world of psychology. I think that in psychiatric literature it’s known as the Stockholm Syndrome.


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