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We are also fed up

Tali Farkash says haredim volunteer throughout their lives for benefit of others

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I am outraged by the fact that the haredim in Israel are forced “back into the closet”. They are asked to sit quietly, in the dark, while studying the Talmud as not to disturb secular Israelis with their unwanted presence.


They are being informed that they must not shop at stores that desecrate the Shabbat, lest its owner decide that it makes financial sense for him to close down on Saturdays in order to gain more haredi customers. They also, heaven forbid, must not send a talkback to an article featuring a shrimp recipe asking for some kind of kosher recipe for Shabbat. Why should anyone show any consideration to them too?


In short, I am sick and tired of the complaints uttered by Rickey from Haifa. I am fed up with busy haredi family men who rush to save the lives of innocent secular kids stabbed in battle outside a nightclub, or who put drunken people killed on the road at 3 am in a body bag, which happened to be bought with haredi donations.


I am fed up with the secular woman who will be calling a haredi medical assistance organization and ask for equipment for her sick child, but still slam “those haredim” later on. The same is true for the secular woman who will ask for a free ride in a well-equipped haredi ambulance every time her elderly aunt needs to travel to hospital for treatment.


I am also fed up with people who performed their military service far away from the danger zone, but still want others to die on their behalf.


Mostly, I am fed up with people who score political points on the backs of an entire community that lives a whole life of physical and financial volunteerism for the benefit of the general population, not just three years.


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