Merkel. Not a blind follower
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Merkel win good for Israel
Noah Klieger says Angela Merkel a true friend of Israel, her victory good news for us
“Is this good for the Jews?” – This was the question being asked for hundreds of years every time a new ruler came to power in one of the states where the Jewish people lived in Europe.


This question, with a slight change, is valid today as well. All we need to do is replace the word “Jews” with the word “Israel.”


Two days ago in Germany, Angela Merkel again won the premiership, and in this case we can say without hesitation that this is indeed good for Israel. It’s even very good.


This is so because Angie, as this witty and decisive woman is often referred to, proved in her first term in office that she is indeed a friend of Israel.


Merkel is not a blind follower, and in some cases she expressed reservations in the face of various plans and moves adopted by various Israeli governments. Yet nonetheless, she was the first European leader who grasped Israel’s problems within the giant Muslim world in general and within the Arab Middle East in particular. She also made an effort to assist Israel with these problems.


As opposed to most of her colleagues in the European Union, Merkel grasped not only Israel’s problems, but also – and perhaps mostly – the dangers posed by radical Islam to Europe and to the entire world. The German chancellor realized that when it comes to Islam’s plans and worldview, Israel is no more than a means for achieving the end goal: Taking over the Christian world.


Merkel was the first one to firmly speak out against the psychopath from Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in connection with the issues of Holocaust-denial and the development of nuclear weapons. She was also the first one to call to order her countryman, Pope Benedict XVI, after he reinstated an anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying cardinal.


For all these reasons, Israel can certainly laud the German election results and be overjoyed in the wake of Angela Merkel’s victory. The same is true for all the free nations of the world.


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