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United in hostility to Israel

Moshe Elad slams United Nations for assisting Hamas’ anti-Israel campaign

  • Part 2 of analysis


Hamas has been taking the familiar path followed by Palestinian terrorists over the years. Just like the PLO in the past, Hamas too attempted to make the most of the “operational” channel, that is, horrific terror acts that violated all the accepted rules governing relations between humans. Once it failed to leverage the dubious “achievements” resulting from blown-up buses and teenagers exploding on city streets, it turned to the PR channel.


Through a well-oiled machine of spokespersons and PR, sponsored via funds provided by Gulf states, and while making use of the best media deception tactics, Hamas is attempting to achieve what it failed to do in the actual battlefield.  


Where else do we have an organization that at best comprises 20,000 gunmen and is supported by hundreds of thousands of people at most, but employs 10 spokespeople? Can anyone count the number of microphones placed before Hamas spokesman Abu Ubeida when he utters another one of his statements?


Yet once the PR channel also failed to achieve the expected results, Hamas turned to the third track – the legal channel. It took a strategic decision to erode Israel’s deterrent power via an international campaign aimed at delegitimizing Israel’s military acts of self-defense. Hamas is looking forward to the next armed confrontation, and to the limits to be placed on Israel by the international community.


The fear which the IDF attempted to sow among Gaza’s population so that it won’t cooperate with Hamas is now being diverted by the group, with the assistance of a hypocritical international community, towards some Israeli politicians and officers who plan to travel abroad. Hamas, which failed to set up effective ambushes during battles in the Strip, has now transferred its ambushes to European capitals.


Yet Hamas is not alone. Apparently there is no limit to the cynicism of other countries and the organization known as the United Nations. In the 1950s and 1960s they caved in to the Arab boycott against the nascent Israel in exchange for oil provided by some corrupt sheikh. In the 1970s they spared their citizens terror attacks in exchange for despicable cooperation, and later danced in the feast held on the occasion of the PLO’s joining the UN. On the day Arafat appeared in that corrupt institution, the nations of the world realized that they are indeed united – in their hostility to Israel.


Hence, even if we are cleared of any wrongdoing by Justice Barak, the Arab, Muslim, and “non-aligned” states in conjunction with some European states “with a conscience” will make sure to overshadow this. What we seek now is Barak’s firm stance – not Aharon Barak’ but rather, Ehud Barak.


Colonel (res.) Moshe Elad served in various senior posts in the territories. At this time he serves as a lecturer at the Western Galilee Academic College


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