Security fence. New version of Berlin Wall
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Bring down the wall

Wall of anti-Israel isolation, rather than security fence, is real obstacle to peace

BERLIN – The international festival marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall offers a renewed push to the well-oiled Palestinian propaganda machine against the security fence. This campaign has been enjoying wide support worldwide.


The security fence has become a new version of the Berlin Wall in the simplistic perception of many Europeans a long time ago. This has created a rather broad consensus calling for and acting for the sake of bringing down the “Israeli wall” in the name of principles such as international fraternity and human liberty.


In the face of this global assault, we must make something that is seemingly obvious (yet many prefer to ignore) clear: Apart from certain visual similarities, there is no connection between the Berlin Wall and the security fence.


The Berlin Wall separated members of the same nation who aspired, to some extent or another, to reunite in a joint political framework. Meanwhile, the security fence marks, to some extent or another, a future border between two nations that do not wish to coexist in one state, but rather, to split their shared land into two separate states.


It is surprising that precisely those who for a long time fought for the Palestinian right for their own state now demand to dismantle the security fence. After all, this fence pushed the Palestinians closer to geographical and political division that would constitute a basis for a separate political entity.


Charges regarding the “apartheid fence” reveal the true motives of the Palestinians and their supporters, who are uninterested in dividing the country and co-existing alongside Israel; rather, they are interested in taking over the entire land.


Wall of ostracism

There is another wall in the Middle East which objectors to the security fence refuse to see, not to mention fight against, even though it is this wall that perpetuates the conflict between Jews and Arabs: The wall of boycotts and isolation imposed by most of the Muslim world against Israel since its establishment.


Despite the peace treaties and despite far-reaching concessions offered by Israel in order to advance on the path of peace, the wall of ostracism has remained in place almost unchanged. Moreover, in recent years, in the wake of the slight openness that accompanied the Oslo years, the wall has become larger.


Over the years, the dismantlement of this wall of hostility has become – in the eyes of the West as well – a reward Israel may enjoy only if and when it complies with all Arab demands. However, perhaps things should be examined in a wholly different light: Only the toppling of the wall of isolation surrounding Israel would enable the promotion of the peace process. Only this step would facilitate reconciliation between Israelis and Arabs and among Jews, Muslims, and Christians.


As long as this wall exists, the sides would not be able to get to know each other and it would be impossible to counter the bias that fans the flames of this conflict. The “Middle Eastern Wall” had been established much before the security fence and it bears absolute responsibility for the security fence’s existence.


Anyone who claims that he genuinely wishes to advance peace must enlist to the cause of toppling the wall of Israel’s isolation as a pre-condition to any serious reconciliation process – because this wall is the true successor of the Berlin Wall.


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