Rabbi Elyashiv. Endorses protest
Photo: Aviad Beter

Haredim launch 'Shabbat war' against Intel

Leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis urge public to attend mass Jerusalem rally in protest of electronic chip maker's plan to employ dozens of workers in its Har Hotzvim plant on weekends. Rabbi Elyashiv, Gerrer Rebbe endorse protest

Another front opens in the fight for Shabbat. Leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis are calling on the public to participate in a mass rally to be held on Saturday in the Har Hotzvim industrial area in Jerusalem.


The haredim are protesting against Intel Corp's plan to employ dozens of workers on weekends in its plant, which is adjacent to neighborhoods with large concentrations of haredi residents.


Thousands are expected to take part in the protest as a result of a rare collaboration between leaders of the Eda Haredit and mainstream ultra-Orthodox rabbis.


The campaign is being led by Knesset Member Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) and "the rabbis' committee for the sanctity of Shabbat" headed by Rabbi Yosef Elyashiv and the Gerrer Rebbe.


In contrast, the protest against the opening of the Karta parking lot on Saturdays is organized by members of the Eda Haredit alone and has seen a small number of participants in recent weeks.


Haredi newspapers Yated Ne'eman and Hamodia have also joined the campaign and reported Thursday of a "severe violation of Shabbat."


They claimed that Intel is ignoring "faithful Judaism's decisive demand" by insisting on opening its plant during Saturdays, which amounts to "crude trampling of the sanctity of Shabbat."


It was further reported that negotiations between MK Maklev and Intel officials failed to achieve results.


Hamodia also reported that "faithful Judasim" would not rest until the "shame" is lifted and stated that thousands of the ultra-Orthodox community of all factions would not let Shabbat be desecrated.


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