Mordechi Kedar

Will Europe wake up?

Iranian protest of Swiss minaret ban prompts apocalyptic conclusions

Anyone who wondered about Iranian aspirations got an answer when the Iranian foreign minister “spoke” with his Swiss counterpart and “expressed his hope” that her government will find a way to avoid the ban on minarets approved in the recent referendum. Do you understand? The Swiss people want something, yet the Ayatollahs don’t like it, so they dispatch their “foreign minister” to force the Swiss government to comply with Tehran’s will.


Just like the Swiss government sucked up to Libyan leader Mohammar Gaddafi in respect to his criminal son, after the Libyan leader threatened to curb the oil supply to the country and held a few hostages, it is also expected to bow down to the Ayatollahs once they threatened to withdraw the billions they made in oil from Swiss banks. This is how the ayatollahs started to manage the sleepy and satiated Europe.


One can only imagine what the Iranians shall be demanding of Europe once the possess nuclear weapons. Below are several possible examples.

  • Cutting ties with Israel
  • Cutting ties with the US, should it adopt a policy that contradicts Iranian interests
  • Cutting ties with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan
  • Withdrawn European forces from Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Recognizing Hamas instead of the PLO as the Palestinian people’s sole legitimate representative
  • Recognizing Hezbollah as Lebanon’s representatives
  • Granting a large number of work and immigration visas to Muslims
  • Expelling Iranian opposition figures back to Iran
  • Providing state funds for the building of mosques (with minarets, of course) and Islamic schools in any European city with a minimal number of Muslims
  • Permitting Muslim women to wear a hijab (head cover), niqab (face cover) and burqa (full-body cover)
  • A ban on alcohol sales in stores located at a 30-mile radius of the residence of the nearest Muslim
  • An obligation to teach Islam in all European schools via a curriculum to be formulated by the Iranian embassy in every European state
  • Shutting down TV channels, newspapers, and pornographic websites
  • Monitoring email
  • Banning the production of cell phones with cameras
  • Obligating all women to wear a full-body bathing suit, including a head scarf, at the beach
  • Separating men and women at beaches and swimming pools
  • Banning advertisement that includes improperly dressed women
  • Banning scientific publications that do not fit in with Islamic views
  • Banning criticism of Islam in the media
  • Separating patients at hospitals and ruling that male medical staff will only treat males, and females will only treat females
  • Separating man and women at university dorms
  • Passing laws that would prevent men and women from working together
  • Closing strip clubs
  • Closing pubs
  • Closing casinos
  • Closing restaurants during daytime hours during the month of Ramadan
  • Banning the cultivation of pigs at all EU states
  • Obligating all supermarkets and butcher shops to only sell “halal” meet
  • Discounted meals to Muslims through government funding during the Ramadan and Islamic holidays
  • Introducing the Sharia law
  • Allowing Muslims to marry up to four women
  • Allowing Muslims to perform female genital mutilation in their daughters at state hospitals and at the state’s expand
  • Providing unlimited materials and know-how in the fields of chemistry and biology to Iran
  • Granting Iranian products preference over imports from any other country
  • Disarming and thinning out European armies
  • Opening Revolutionary Guards office at any European state with a permit to import equipment without any limits or monitoring
  • Granting economic incentives to any European that converts to Islam
  • Granting citizenship, employment insurance and medical insurance to any Muslim immigrant the moment he arrives in Europe
  • Free education to every Muslim in Europe (ranging from kindergarten to PhD)
  • Opening five universities for Muslims in every European state, with studies, lectures, and research being conducted in a different Islamic language: Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, and Pashtu
  • Financing the trip to the Hajj by the EU, based on lists to be submitted by Iran


These are just some of the demands we can expect Iran to present to Europe after it acquires nuclear weapons. Turkey also threatened to withdraw funds form Swiss banks in the wake of the referendum.


States ruled by Islamic ideologies view the atheist Europe as weak, depleted, and fatigued. They view it as lacking the motivation to protect the values of democracy it brought to the world. This weak image stirs the sense of Islamic authority in Iran and in Turkey that promotes their leaders to openly express their feelings: Christians, Jews and others may live, but under the wings of Islam, as their dhimmis (ahl al-dhimmah), as long as they adhere to their dictates.


The question is when will Europe wake up to realize that it is being ruled by remote control from Tehran and possibly from Ankara, and by a not-so-remote control by the growing Muslim public within them that has the power – if and when it decided to do so – to paralyze Europe’s economy.


Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University’s department of Arabic and a researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies  


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