Anti-Israel protest in Turkey
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Turkish producers working on anti-Israel film
Production company that made ‘Valley of Wolves’ is already working on anti-Israel film version of series, according to Turkish report. Report claims movie will reveal true face of Israel, shake up Israeli-Turkish relations even further
A Turkish news site reported Wednesday that the company, Pana Film, that produced the TV series “Valley of the Wolves” is already working on a film version of the show called “Valley of the Wolves – Palestine.”


The Turkish report, which was published under the title “The next item is going to arouse Israel’s anger: ‘Valley of the Wolves- Palestine’ is on its way,” wrote that the movie’s plot will focus on “actions of IDF armed forces in Palestinian territories.”


In order to create interest, members of the production crew promised that the scene that aroused anger in Israel in the current series – in which the blood of an Israeli Mossad agent is smeared on a Star of David – “will be nothing” compared to what awaits the movie’s viewers.


According to the sources, “The new movie will reveal the true face of Israel, and in accordance, the relations between it and Turkey will deteriorate even further.”


According to the Turkish news site, the production company is slated to announce the date of the movie’s premier in the coming days.


In response to a Ynet query regarding claims harming Israel made in the series, a spokesperson from the Turkish company reported that they are not the first to present Israel in such a light: “Israel has already been declared a war criminal many times in the past by international human rights’ groups, mainly the UN, which wrote reports about this.”


The spokesperson added that the series presents reality. “All of humanity, especially the Israeli public, looks on with sorrow at the insensitivity with which the Israeli authorities take action against Palestinian children. Basic rights – such as nourishment, food, and education – is denied them. How can it be that these same Israeli authorities, who without hesitating bombed children staying under a UN flag in Gaza, are now bothered by a television series that is just presenting what they did?”


A Ynet investigation revealed that the series’ creators have made sure to kick up controversy around a number of different subjects since its inception, and now the “Israeli issue” is on the table.


In previous seasons, education officials in Turkey were outraged by the abundance of violent scenes in the show.


In addition, angered responses over one season that dealt with Turkish spy plots against Kurdish terrorist organizations in the country led the show to be shelved.


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