'They didn't allow us to go to the bathroom'
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2 siblings humiliated at airport after false drug accusation

Oren and Mor Guy return from soccer match in Spain, end up in investigation room at Ben-Gurion Airport, naked and banned from visiting lavatories. 'When they saw that they made mistake, they didn't even bother to apologize.' Police: Information received against them

The unpleasant experience Oren and Mor Guy, two siblings from the Sharon-region town of Porat, endured on Thursday at Ben-Gurion Airport will not be forgotten for some time. Authorities claimed they had evidence they were smuggling drugs. However, the police found nothing against them and released the pair.


Oren, 27, and his sister, Mor, 21, left for Spain last week to watch a soccer match. Neither of them has a criminal past or has ever been entangled with the police prior to their return to Ben-Gurion Airport.


"We left about a week ago to see the game between Barcelona and Sevilla, a trip that we planned and ordered a few months ago," said Oren to Ynet. "At first, I was supposed to go with my friend, but he cancelled. So I asked Mor to come with me and she agreed. On the flight back, we switched plains in Istanbul and landed in Ben Gurion at 2:45 am."

Oren and Mor Guy (Photo: Ido Erez)


This is when problems started for the Guy siblings with the border police. Mor approached the passport control booth, and the officer started examining her passport.


"She took a while and then asked if I'm alone. When I said that my brother is with me, she told me to call him. My brother came, and then they instructed us to stand to the side. Four men and a woman approached us and identified themselves as police officers. They were rude to us and refused to tell us what happened. Afterwards, they took us to the baggage carousel and told us to take our stuff. From there, they took us to a side room. Everything was done in front of dozens of people who were there. Every time we asked what happened, they refused to answer," recounted Mor.


Oren said that when they were escorted into the side room, Mor was left alone with the female cop and was ordered to undress and turn around to face her without clothes on.


"During my investigation, I was also ordered to undress. I asked if it was really necessary that all four of them see me naked, but they didn't respond. When I stood there naked, one of them started to look through my wallet and performed a very slow search. I got angry, and I told him that I'm naked and cold, but he did not care," said Oren.


Only when the search through the siblings' luggage was the pair informed that they were suspected of smuggling drugs.


"They told us that they have confidential information. We explained that we are not involved with drugs, but this didn't help," explained Oren and Mor. "At a certain point, we asked to go to the bathroom, and they did not allow us. I couldn't hold it in, and I peed in front of many people. I shouted at their abuse, and only then did one of the police officers agree to take me to the bathroom. They treated us like criminals."


"Even when it turned out that they were wrong, they didn't even bother apologizing," the siblings said.


The Tel Aviv District Police said in response: "The police received intelligence information about the two, who, according to suspicions, were said to be smuggling drugs. They were detained at Ben-Gurion Airport and were searched.


"The two resisted and cursed the police officers. At a certain point, the police officers allowed them to place a phone call to a family member, but they refused and continued to curse at the officers. At the end of the examinations at the hospital, they were released."


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