Netanyahu. Crippling sanctions
Photo: Reuters
Peres. 'Patronizing statements'
Photo: Reuters
PM: Impose crippling sanctions on Iran now
(Video) While Iran defies West by augmenting uranium enrichment, Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with European ambassadors demanding condemnation of recent statements made in Tehran regarding annihilation of Israel. President Peres says Ahmadinejad a morally corrupt dictator

VIDEO - On a day Iran is making another step in its nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling on the international community to act quickly.


"Iran is pushing forwards with its nuclear arming race while slighting the wishes of the international community which needs to protect peace and impose sanctions on Iran. Not partial and moderate sanctions. The duty is to impose paralyzing sanctions on Iran now," Netanyahu said Tuesday while addressing ambassadors of European Union countries.


The prime minister also added, "In recent days leaders of the Iranian brutal regime have called for the annihilation of the State of Israel. Israel expects any responsible government in the world, certainly your own governments, to harshly condemn these statements. But it takes more than words."

Netanyahu's speech Tuesday (Video: Eli Mandelbaum)


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Tehran announced on Tuesday that it has started producing uranium enriched to a level of 20% for a reactor making medical isotopes.


"We started preparatory work at 9:30 am (0600 GMT) in the presence of (International Atomic Energy Agency) representatives," a spokesman for Iran's nuclear energy agency, Ali Shirzadian said.


Elements in Washington, which have already noted that new sanctions were inevitable said that they will ask the UN's Security Council to approve a decision which will lay the foundations for an additional round of sanctions within "weeks and not months".


Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters Tuesday that Gates "clearly thinks time is of the essence." However, China, whose support is crucial has announced that it still believed in diplomacy.


'Ahmadinejad example of moral corruption'

President Peres also commented on the issue and said "(Iranian President) Ahmadinejad is an example of moral corruption and a dictator who kills people on the street, funds terror, calls for the annihilation of another people and denies the Holocaust."


Peres made the statements during a meeting with 600 students in Modi'in. According to the president, "What is being said in Iran is condescension."  


Peres also insinuated criticism on the conduct of the international community pointing to the recent anti-regime riots in Tehran. "One can see that those who act against the regime are the Iranians themselves'.


Ronen Medzini contributed to this report


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