Yael Mishali

Homophobia reigns supreme

Many religious shocked by Rabbi Elon's homosexuality more than by sexual abuse

Indeed, we have suffered a disaster, no less. The public statement issued by the Takana forum to warn us against the behavior of "Rabbi Motti” is harder for us to handle than any other trauma within the Zionist-religious community. After all, "Rabbi Motti" is a brand name whose worth is much greater than that of the private individual, Rabbi Motti Elon.


At this time, everyone is preoccupied with general questions. What is this forum all about (a forum that could easily have accepted "Rabbi Motti" as one of its members. How come it didn't happen?) And why was the police not involved? (Yet why should it be? Do you know any sexual assault victim who was happy that he or she turned to the police or to the courts?)


And what is this forum trying to hide? (A question asked by hypocritical and foolish secular members of the media. Do they claim that exposing something is a form of concealment?)


And so, all sorts of broad questions are being asked, without getting at the essence of the trauma.


So let's examine ourselves honestly. What are you more shocked about? The preoccupation with "Rabbi Motti's" sexual tendencies, or the hints by members of the Takana forum whereby he sexually abused student?


And yes, so far we can only go by what has been published. For the time being it hasn't been proven, and you already know (as "Rabbi Motti" himself declared) that it was barely one student, and that he is mentally unstable as it is. But deep in your heart, which of the above two revelations shock you more?


So here is a news flash: Fortunately, there are many more homosexual rabbis who live in secret and in denial than there are rabbis who sexually abuse their students or others. Very fortunate, isn't it? Of course, it depends on your attitude to homosexuality, and to rabbis; to rabbis like "Rabbi Motti" in particular.


I bet that you would have preferred to discover that it was the other way around; that there are more abusers than gays. It's easier for you to cope with criminal (or moral) perversion than with natural deviations from the standard. Yet this, in and of itself, is a religious failure that you would do well to self-examine.


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