Footage of assassins presented by Dubai police
Photo: Reuters

Our TV show in Dubai

Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh’s killing in Dubai first reality TV era assassination

The events in Dubai were not a failure, as some people claim, but rather, the first assassination in the reality TV era. Those capable of seeing the bigger picture and looking beyond trivialities such as the diplomatic or security implications of such incident, realize that the whole operation aimed to expose and be exposed. Hence, it is not an operational failure, but rather, major marketing success.


Turning our mythological spy agency into a candid camera quiz show may have seemed like great embarrassment, unless the endlessly sophisticated Mossad yet again managed to fool all of us. After all, the thought that our finest guys were photographed in Dubai by mistake and were involuntarily exposed is insulting and mostly outdated. They clearly wanted to be exposed, and rightfully so!


In an era where each child has a blog and every waitress stars in a reality show, why shouldn’t our fine assassins get their share of the glory pie? Today, if you’re not being photographed, you don’t exist.


Indeed, secrecy and modesty are fit for ancient losers, while the Mossad is an organization that progresses with the times. It is for good reason that the photos from the Dubai hotel seemed almost staged, just like celebrities who invite the paparazzi to “unexpectedly” photograph them this afternoon at some trendy Tel Aviv street.


Facebook profile? 

It was also no coincidence that the makeup and wigs used by the “assassins” at the Dubai photo shoot were reminiscent of comedy skits on Israel’s Comedy Channel. We may soon find out that they also have a profile on Facebook, and that we can chat with them through our cell phone this afternoon.


There is also no reason to worry about the implications of the operation’s exposure on the future of the participants. After their identity had been compromised, the stars of the clip may no longer be able to continue working for Mossad, yet like any reality show refugee they would be able to leverage their fame and experience for much nobler goals: Leadings advertising campaigns, launching cosmetics products, and with the help of a good agent even hosting some lifestyle show on Channel 10.


Now is also the time to come to the defense of Mossad chiefs and support them in the struggle to turn the aged spy agency into a flashy television show. Indeed, in light of the latest success story, Mossad Director Meir Dagan’s contract should be extended for another term.


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