Alleged assassin using Philip Carr's name
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Jerusalem 'assassin': I wonder how they did it

Philip Carr, who carries British passport, recounts how he found out he was wanted in Dubai for Hamas man's killing. 'It's a bit of a shock,' he tells Ynet. 'It's surprising, but it's more interesting than annoying'

Philip Carr, an Israeli citizen whose name was included in the new list of suspects released by the Dubai police on Wednesday as part of the investigation into the assassination of senior Hamas figure Mabhouh al-Mabhouh, told Ynet later in the evening, "I'm not a person who gets angry easily. I am mainly intrigued by how they did it, who did it, but who knows?"


Carr also has a British passport, and his identity was apparently "duplicated" using the passport and was carried by one of the assassination cell's members.


"It's a bit of a shock, it's surprising, but it's more interesting than annoying," added Carr, who lives with his wife and five children in Jerusalem. He said he learned about his identity being used by one of the suspects after receiving phone calls from his acquaintances about the reports.


"At first I heard from my wife, who called and said that a reporter was looking for me. I didn't know what it was about. She said he asked whether we had heard anything about the development in the affair."


"So she turned on the television and said it was everywhere. I was traveling at the same time and put on the radio," he recounted. "Then a friend of mine called and said he had seen my name on one of the websites, and that's how I found out I was a wanted man."


Carr stressed he did not fear any possible ramifications following the "borrowing" of his identity. "I do have a British passport – as well as an Israeli and South African one – and at the moment I have no plans to travel, so I am not afraid of being arrested in one of the airports. It's also clear to everyone that I wasn't there and that I didn't do this, and the published picture has nothing to do with me."


The next generation?

One of the new suspects, Gabriella Barney, has the name of an Israeli woman whose father, an Israeli citizen as well, is Michael Lawrence Barney. The same name was used by one of the 11 suspects revealed by the Dubai police more than a week ago.

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Gabriella Barney's passport


At least one Israeli does not share Carr's composure. "I am shocked, it's identity theft –simply unbelievable," Adam Marcus Korman told Ynet earlier Wednesday, minutes after finding out that a man carrying an Australian passport with his name on it is suspected of being involved in the Dubai assassination.


"I have been frightened and shocked since receiving the news. It's irresponsible and a violation of human and individual rights to do such a thing," he said.


On Wednesday afternoon, the Dubai police uncovered 15 new suspects in the assassination, bringing the total number of people believed involved to 26. All suspects used credit cards that were issued in the same American bank. Dubai police also said that some of the team members left to Iran after the assassination.


The emirate's police said the 15 additional suspects exposed Wednesday used six British passports, three Irish ones, three French ones and three Australian ones. The investigation revealed that the 26 assassins arrived in Dubai from six European countries: Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Dusseldorf, as well as from Hong Kong.


According to the police, the aforementioned countries have provided official confirmation that the passports used by the alleged assassins were fraudulent.


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