Alleged assassins caught on tape
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Much talk, little fact

At the end of the day, we don’t really know what happened in Dubai

Almost a month has passed since the assassination of Hamas man Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, and soon we shall find out that only three Israelis were not connected to this operation, and only because they happened to be sick with the swine flu at the time.


However, the criticism expressed here is not directed at the people who carried out the operation, but rather, at the journalists and commentators who cover it. At junctions where there is no information or leaks and where reality is much greater than fiction, every commentator is king.


Everyone knows what he’s talking about and everyone has something to say. And now try to prove they’re wrong.


So let’s admit it: We have no idea how it works; we have no idea what was planned, who carried it out, and what exactly took place in Dubai. We have no idea why the photos of the operatives were exposed and what it means.


Indeed, the days where we adored everything that our security forces did and believed they cannot do wrong or fail are long gone, yet we cannot have a situation whereby everyone explains the supposed screw-ups from their living room sofas.


Dagan suffered injustice

Today one is not allowed to say anything positive, because if you say something like that, you immediately turn into a public relations agent. Even when the world will be forgetting the protests over the utilization of foreign passports, we will continue to disparage, criticize, and raise an eyebrow.


A person who is intimately familiar with these types of operations said this week that 80% of what had been published is nothing like what happened in reality. He said that the operatives who were “burned” and the elements that were uncovered are not the important things.


What’s important, he said, is that the operation was undertaken under difficult conditions, the main objective had been reached, and everyone returned back home safely.


A great injustice had been done here mostly to Mossad Director Meir Dagan, said the man, who is also just another commentator. If everything Dagan did will be released for publication in 100 years, he said, everyone will have to rise from their graves, go over to Dagan’s grave, and ask for his forgiveness.


And now, let’s all just raise an eyebrow.


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