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Eldad Yaniv
Photo: Tomeriko
Bibi’s rush to oblivion
PM’s policy bringing us closer to demise of Jewish democratic Israel

Who cares whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s gift to US Vice President Joe Biden was broken? How vital is the question of whether Netanyahu knew, or didn’t, about the approval of the new residential units in Jerusalem, and what will come out of the “proximity talks?” More than a year has passed since Netanyahu regained the premiership, yet there is no prime minister in Israel at this time.


Indeed, formally someone does man the historic post of prime minister, yet when his vehicle stops at the entrance to his office and the door is opened, those who peek inside see the car is empty.


In a moment, in historical terms that is, the area of the Land of the Bible between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea will turn into one state, as the dream of the hill criminals from the Right and anarchists from the Left is realized. Azmi Bishara will laud it on al-Jazeera, and Netanyahu or the prime minister after him will be replaced by a PM who will win the majority of the vote, as is the case in a democracy.


His name will likely be Barghouti or something similar. He certainly will not be an Israeli Zionist – after all, since when does the minority decide?


Historian Barbara Tuchman will write the second volume of her March of Folly, which will become a more significant bestseller than the first one, and Israel’s first kingdom will come to an end just like the previous two.


This historic march to oblivion can be averted, if we join forces in order to realize the mission of our generation, go back to Zionism, and determine our fate with our own hands. Just like Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl in Basel, just like David Ben-Gurion on that Friday on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard, and just like Yitzhak Rabin on the White House lawn.


Redeploy IDF along fence

We will be taking a historic decision, based on UN Resolutions 242 and 338, and on the plan presented by former US President William Jefferson Clinton, thereby dividing the political sovereignty between the River and Sea. We shall approve a Jewish and generous evacuation-compensation law, inform the world that the IDF is redeploying along the security fence as the State of Israel’s border, and bring the settlers back home, with an Israeli flag in the hand, as their historic mission has come to an end.


Finally, we will declare a “border dispute” with the Palestinian state that Salam Fayyad will be declaring soon in any case. Such disputes exist at hundreds of places in the world at this time, including one involving the US and Canada.


And a day will come, God willing and Inshallah, when there is somebody we can talk to on the other side – and then we shall sign a peace treaty, proceed with territorial tradeoffs, and divide Jerusalem our capital for eternity. The Jewish Jerusalem will go to Israel, and al-Quds will be Palestinian. And what about the refugees? They will return to their new homeland, east of Israel.


And the Qassams? We will face them as we did on the Lebanese border and on the Gaza border. It will likely never be quiet here as it is in Geneva and for generations to come we shall maintain our sovereignty via a Hebrew defense force. Is it scary? Well, it’s not simple. Yet the State of Israel is coping with even graver Iranian threats.


However, should we continue along the path outlined by the current prime minister, our beloved Israel will soon no longer be a Jewish and democratic state. This is precisely what the post-Zionists want. Ahmadinejad will be overjoyed.


Herzl, on the other hand, always thought that Zionism’s supreme goal is to establish a Jewish home for the Jewish people with political sovereignty and borders. If you want, it is no fairytale.


Eldad Yaniv co-wrote the National Left Manifest along with playwright Shmuel Hasfari


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