Eyal Megged
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Jews ruining Jerusalem
Eyal Megged wants to entrust Jerusalem in Arab hands in wake of Holyland scandal

A liquidator should be appointed for Jerusalem. The city is tainted by corruption, and this corruption creates a stench all over the capital.


As is the case in other areas, every phenomenon that becomes typical to our model state is taken to the extreme in the eternal city of Jerusalem. Only the people who live here and see how it’s being constantly sold to contractors who constantly change its face can grasp the extent of this phenomenon.


Anyone with eyes in their head realizes that without big money changing hands it wouldn’t have been possible to make the city so ugly in such manner. Only dirty money can do it.


In Rehavia, for example, the old and beautiful neighborhood is being eliminated. Every second home is being demolished, to make room for larger and more glittering homes. We should be stopping the bulldozers and cranes today, and find out whether the abysses created in place of the historic homes do not hide tomorrow’s scandals. I’m sure that’s the case.


Nation of greedy contractors

I have always believed that it would not be right to subject Jerusalem to exclusive Jewish control. The moment we are given an asset, we turn into a nation of greedy contractors. These people ruined Israel since its very inception, yet somehow Jerusalem was salvaged in our early years. Perhaps it was spared because of its poverty or remoteness.


Yet after the Six-Day War, the desire to deface the little beauty that remained in the western section of the city has been on a reckless spree. The inner and outer ugliness make for a great combination.


These criminals and thugs who allegedly defaced the Holyland ridge are the ones who without thinking twice would dispatch a bulldozer to raze a dilapidated home at some remote poor neighborhood or refugee camp, while ordering the demolition of a hut belonging to a miserable shepherd – arguing these structures are illegal.


Hence, as long as some Jerusalem buildings remain untouched, it would be appropriate to appoint an international liquidator to the city, or entrust it in the hands of an Arab mayor. Residents of east Jerusalem at least have more respect to the delightful treasures of their city. 


First published: 04.15.10, 18:44
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