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One piece at a time

President Obama’s ‘peace’ vision doesn’t have Israel’s security in mind

The screws are being tightened once again on Israel. However, it’s not being done by the European Union, United Nations, or the Arabs. They’re being tightened by a state that heretofore had been the single strongest ally Israel has ever had - the United States.


President Barack Obama has turned what for decades had been a uniquely close, trusting relationship into one which makes one think: With “friends” such as this, who needs enemies?


The latest in an ever growing list of “obamanations” are reports the president wants to make the Middle East a nuclear free zone. He has reportedly been “strategizing” with Egypt and Russia on the subject. If true, this becomes a potentially problematic issue for Israel.


When Obama campaigned, one of his goals was to change the dynamic of relations with Iran from confrontational to engagement. A little more than a year since taking office, it’s become evident this strategy has failed. Iran defiantly continues to pursue nuclear weapons and recent statements from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suggest relations with the US are as bad as ever.


Ahmadinejad continues to threaten Israel as well.


Obama indicating that he wants to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone suggests that his effort to persuade Iran to drop its pursuit of nukes has failed, and he wants to plot a new course not directed solely at Iran. However, just because Obama now wishes to broaden his anti-nuke zone is no reason to think Iran will be any more cooperative.


Given Iran’s rogue history, there’s a distinct possibility the end result of such effort could be Israel getting hung out to dry, while Iran’s nuclear program remains on track.


Actions speak louder than words

In other news suggesting Israel remains in the pressure cooker, Obama reportedly instructed US officials to monitor housing starts in Jerusalem and other areas “claimed” by the Arabs. Moreover, Mahmoud Abbas said he has been given assurances by Washington there will be no “provocations” by Israel when indirect talks begin.


These reported moves by Obama further suggest his vision of resolving the conflict is less about “peace,” while preserving Israel’s security, and more about dismantling its security one “piece” at a time.


In just over a year in office, Obama has taken a six-decade long relationship with the only free democracy in the entire Middle East governed by principles, values and a rule of law which is we share in common, and has left Americans and Israelis alike reeling in disbelief with how decidedly unfriendly he is toward Israel.


While he and his diplomatic lieutenants make speeches suggesting America’s relationship with Israel is “unshakeable” and that “the US is committed to Israel’s security,” his actions strongly suggest otherwise.


Obama’s record to date confirms the folly of his words - he wants to turn Israel’s biblical heartland into an Arab state, bringing theologically committed terrorists to the very edge of Israel’s population centers. Thus instead of southern towns like Sderot being within range of rockets and mortars, virtually millions suburbanites of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would be within range.


Obama also supports a contiguous land link between Judea/Samaria and Gaza, splitting Israel in two. He wants to divide the Jews’ holiest city – Jerusalem - and by doing so take away Jewish sovereignty over our single holiest site, the Western Wall.


Meanwhile, the president continues to demand that Israel unilaterally make all the territorial and tangible “sacrifices” for peace, in spite of the fact there are numerous gestures the Arabs could (and should) make to demonstrate their good intentions to peacefully coexist with Israel.


For example, did Obama ask that the PLO, Fatah, or Hamas remove language from their respective charters, all of which call for the destruction of Israel? Did he suggest to Mahmoud Abbas that he should accept Israel’s right to be recognized as a Jewish state? Has he suggested the Imams, Mullahs and Clerics stop preaching vitriolic anti-Jewish sermons that are key contributors to the fomentation of terror attacks against Israel?


Instead, the Obama vision of “peace” translates into Israel being taken apart one piece at a time, and handed to the Arabs who only have to say thank you. One can conclude that if Obama’s actions, and in some cases lack thereof, reflect his “commitment to Israel’s security,” the idea of what Israel might be facing should Mr. Obama abandon his “commitment” becomes rather frightening.


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