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The anti-Zionist hypocrisy

Many critics of Zionism have no problem with other states, national movements

One of the flashpoint issues in the conflict between Israel and the Arabs is Zionism.


Zionism is the movement spearheaded by Theodore Herzel in the late 19th century designed to bring Jews back to their biblical home in “Zion,” or Eretz Y’srael.


Zionism has more than its share of critics, however. Some have equated it with “racism,” or “apartheid. What’s rather interesting is that many of these critics are supporters of other national movements. However, when it comes to Zionism their views seem to change.


Virtually every group of people on earth has someplace known as their homeland. Chinese people have China, Italians have Italy, Arabs have numerous Middle Eastern countries, etc. For Jews the spiritual and ancestral home has always been Jerusalem. The Jewish connection to Jerusalem predates Islam by at least 2700 years. Both Solomon’s (first) and Herod’s (second) temples were built there. These are biblical facts which have been confirmed historically and by archeological findings.


In spite of this there’s an ongoing campaign by Muslims denying any Jewish claim to Jerusalem. PA President Mahmoud Abbas, for example, is on record negating the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, saying “I challenge this claim is so.”


Bear in mind that Abbas is viewed by the US and the West as a “moderate.”


No one seems to have a problem with over 90% of the Middle East consisting of Muslim Arabs, or with Greece being 98% Greek Orthodox, or Mexico being 89% Roman Catholic, etc.


However, if 5.5 million Jews are living in their biblical homeland and dare to say to the world this is our home, where we are the majority, (albeit just 75%), many of those who support national movements cry foul.


Some who wish to avoid being labeled as anti-Semitic say “it’s not the Jews we have a problem with, it’s the Zionists.” From a Muslim perspective the translation of such a statement is “we can accept co-existence with Jews, as long as they are the minority.” In other words, life needs to return to the days when Jews had their own communities within Arab countries and were subject to their rule of law. It simply is intolerable for Muslims to accept being in a minority position.


What would happen, for example, if Jews and Christians wanted to move to Saudi Arabia in such numbers that it would threaten the Arab Muslim majority?


The Saudi example

This is an impossibility. Why? Because the Saudis wouldn’t allow it. In fact, to give you an idea of just how intolerable Saudi Arabia is, if you publically admit to being a Jew, obtaining a visa just for a visit becomes virtually impossible, never mind wanting to relocate there.


Also, don’t waste your time attempting to find a church or synagogue in Saudi Arabia. None exist.


Yet do we hear cries of “racism” or “apartheid?” On the other hand, not only are there large numbers of mosques and churches in Israel, Arabs comprise 20% of the country’s population, with full citizenship rights, and are excused from serving in the army.


With over 325 million Arabs living in the Middle East there is absolutely no threat to their majority in any of the 22 countries they reside in. However, for the small number of Jews living in their tiny ancestral homeland, such a threat is very real, constant and growing.


We desire only to live in peace and security in our homeland. If the Arab Muslims or any other group has to reinvent history and perpetrate outright lies, in order to justify unwarranted claims to our land and against our people, then with all due respect, they deserve no respect.


Throughout history, many a nation or empire has risen only to be eventually destroyed. However, in all human history, no people and no nation has been utterly destroyed and dispersed throughout the world for two millennia only to be reunited as a people and a nation in its original homeland…with one exception - The Jewish people in the land of Israel.


If you think this is mere coincidence consider this - Deuteronomy 30:5 says “ADONAI your God will bring you back into the land your ancestors possessed, and you will possess it; he will make you prosper there, and you will become even more numerous than your ancestors.” This is verse 5708 in the Bible. Israel’s rebirth took place in 1948 on the civil calendar. On the biblical calendar it was year 5708. Still think this is mere coincidence?


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