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Don’t get excited by deal

Iran merely seeking to delay sanctions, will never agree to enrich uranium abroad

The seemingly dramatic agreement we were just informed of, which emerged from Iran’s talks with world powers, will not prompt a solution to the crisis, or the disappearance of the danger of a nuclear bomb at the hands of the Ayatollah regime. This issue will be making news – and not necessarily good ones – for a long time to come.


If the agreement reported by the Turkish foreign minister Sunday is indeed a result of the talks between Tehran and Ankara, then this is a nice achievement for the Iranians that will somewhat delay the international sanctions against them, grant them a bonus in the public opinion theater, and mostly provide an alibi for the Russians and Chinese to maintain excellent economic ties with Tehran.


According to the reported agreement, Turkey and Brazil finalized a deal with Iran whereby the latter will enrich its uranium abroad and receive enriched uranium for medical and research needs. This way, the international community will not fear the enrichment technology in Iran’s hands, and if the Iranians are right to claim that their atomic research is aimed at peaceful purposes, they too will be satisfied.


It all sounds nice, yet nothing of the above will be happening. Iran wants to develop a nuclear bomb. It will never agree to enrich uranium outside its territory. It wants to advance towards a bomb, and for the time being it wishes to delay to some extent at least the sanctions which the US pledged to impose on it.


Ongoing Iranian ritual

Every time Iran feels that it’s approaching the point of no return in respect to Security Council or European Union decisions on sanctions, it comes up with a “new initiative” and announces that it will in fact accept the international community’s conditions. Yet when it actually needs to sign an agreement, it presents new conditions and thwarts the talks, and so on and so forth.


Iran is allowed to enrich uranium based on the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Tehran says that this is all it seeks – to enrich low-grade uranium, as it is permitted to do, in order to produce electricity or engage in research. Yet after it deceived and lied to the world time and again, Iran was asked to stop the enrichment work and thereby minimize the danger that it will be used to produce a nuclear bomb.


The premise of the reported agreement is excellent and could guarantee, under strict monitoring, peace of mind in Israel and in the West. This is precisely the reason why the Iranians agreed and reneged on this kind of arrangement eight times.


Indeed, this is just part of the ongoing ritual of Iranian maneuvers aimed at buying time in order to get as close as possible to the bomb.


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