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Photo: Yariv Katz

Iranian fears and lies

Panic in Tehran grows as Ahmadinejad’s imaginary world crumbles

For months and years, Ahmadinejad kept on declaring that the Iranian regime is unimpressed by sanctions, that it disregards the world, and that Iran is a great superpower. Yet his terrified rush to sign the uranium-enrichment deal with Turkey and Brazil a few weeks ago exposed the truth he worked so hard to conceal: The regime in Tehran is anxious, and is scared to death of sanctions, of global isolation, and of its own public.


The Iranian signature proved that everything over there is one big bluff, just like Nasrallah and his lies, which nobody bought into with the exception of the Israeli public.


Iran knows that it cannot afford to acquire a nuclear bomb, so it went ahead and signed the deal, yet when it discovered that the world pays no attention to that flawed agreement, it became even more infuriated, realizing it exposed its fears for nothing. Moreover, with its own hands it paved the way for the next sanctions against it. It is no wonder then that the Iranians are outraged with the “new barbarians,” that is, with the world. They realize that they tried to lay a trap for the world, yet ended up falling into that trap. Their desire to boost their regime ended up weakening it even more.


Everything in Tehran is one grand show. It’s an anxious regime that realizes its demise is near; hence, its panic grows. It knows that it lost the domestic trust and solidarity, which were so important for the Khomeini revolution. The regime is now hated in Iran, yet the greater the pressure, the more mistakes the government makes.


Why did the Iranians join forces with Turkey and Brazil? Because these are influential states in Ahmadinejad’s imaginary world. It’s a world without the US and the West, where Islam and Third World countries run the globe. Yet nobody in the world paid any attention to the odd uranium-enrichment deal; the new global leadership was left to exist in Ahmadinejad’s illusions alone.


Cruel joke

Brazil’s president and Turkey’s prime minister, brimming with self-importance, aimed to help Iran, and in fact to make themselves more prominent, yet the world’s cruel disregard to the agreement turned them into a sort of cruel joke. The world doesn’t accept them or their actions. What’s worse for them, Turkey and Iran now tied their destiny to Iran’s fate.


Iran has remained alone. Even Russia and China betrayed it. While China will continue to trade with Iran, the Iranians will find it difficult to ignore what they view as Chinese hypocrisy - Beijing betraying them in the Security Council but continuing to milk them on the economic front. Indeed, at this time Iran is the most isolated state in the world, with the exception of North Korea; it is an ostracized pariah.


Israel gains from this Iranian fiasco, of course. Powerful sanctions against the Tehran regime are yet to come, and more will follow; Iran will be weaker and even more limited in respect to its weapons trade. The Tehran regime’s secret is out, it is more isolated than ever before, and the job is not being done by us, but rather, by others.


And what about Ahmadinejad? He continues to fear the next blow, and the next in line is the one-year anniversary of the forging of Iran’s election results, in June. He is overcome by both external and domestic fears. Yet while the reality seen by the Iranian regime is imaginary, the fears are terribly real.


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