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Bechor. World has forgotten Jordan's Palestinianness
Photo: Yariv Katz

Bring Jordan into equation

Op-ed: Jordan intimately linked to Palestinian problem and should help resolve it

How many Palestinian states do we need? Do the Palestinians need mere fragments of Palestinian states? An independent state already exists in Gaza, the Palestinians demand a state in Judea and Samaria, deep in their hearts they view Israel as a Palestinian state, 80% of Jordan’s citizens are Palestinian, and until the IDF pulverized it in 1982 a Palestinian state also existed in south Lebanon.


The absurd is that at this time, this entire Palestinian burden is only born by the tiny Israel; strangely enough, Israel also agreed to this, even though right next to it there is a huge country that is largely empty, with an 80% Palestinian population and a Palestinian queen whose sons are half-Palestinian.


Jordan demands the establishment of a Palestinian state at Israel’s expense yet is unwilling to contribute in any way to resolving the Palestinian problem. This absurd must come to an end now, and the world will understand it, as a tiny Palestinian fragment in Judea and Samaria would end up exploding, at Jordan’s expense too – such a tiny Palestinian state would not be viable.


Indeed, the existence of a fragment of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria is possible, yet such state would turn into a problem and would not constitute a long-term solution.


Until 1967, Jordan controlled both the East and West Bank and Judea and Samaria was part of the Hashemite Kingdom. Jordan granted a passport and Jordanian ID to the West Bank’s Palestinian residents, just as it granted this to East Bank Palestinians – the overwhelming majority of the state’s citizens. Both East and West Bank Palestinians were Jordanian citizens.


So how did Jordan manage to shift the Palestinian problem to Israel alone? And how did everyone manage to forget Jordan’s Palestinianness and the fact it ruled the West Bank in every way until the Six-Day War?


Preoccupied with incitement 

It is for good reason that Israel agreed to grant Jordan a role in Jerusalem’s holy sites in the framework of the peace treaty, in light of Jordan’s rule in the West Bank until 1967 (this rule continued in various ways until 1988.)


The time has come to refresh the not-too-distant past. From now on, in any negotiations, Israel must demand that the East Bank too – that is, Jordan –constitute part of the solution. This can take the form of confederation, cooperation agreements, open borders, joint administration, or another kind of unification.


The tiny and crowded Israel can no longer agree to see a solution at its own expense only. Even the Egyptians, who have no direct link to the Palestinian problem, agreed to help in resolving the Gaza problem, so how can Jordan be unwilling to help its own brothers?


The absurd is that Jordan has been preoccupied with incitement against Israel and its leaders. In a recent interview, Jordan’s king said Israel’s status is similar to that of North Korea and that it should be punished – as if he forgot the peace treaty between the two states.


In this framework, Jordan has been voicing its demand for a Palestinian state at every opportunity, as if this is meant to punish Israel. Well, the time has come to remind Jordan, Israel’s leaders, and in fact the whole world that Jordan too plays a role in the Palestinian problem – a role that is much greater, deeper, and historic than that played by the State of Israel. The time has come to bring this absurd situation to an end.



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