Foreign workers' children
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The Zionist transfer

Op-ed: Decision to expel 400 foreign children shuns Jewish morality, basic common sense

Ironically enough, a nation that holds on to a constitutive ethos that sanctifies illegal immigration (the “Ha’apala” – illegal Jewish immigration during the British Mandate) is the same nation whose official, elected government approved legislation Sunday that would see the expulsion of 400 children and their families.


This Zionistic transfer passed by a 13-10 majority. Those who tilted the balance in favor of the decision included three ministers from Yisrael Beiteinu, who emigrated here from the former Soviet Union yet endorse the expulsion of children who were born in this country.


They were backed by the Minister for Minority Affairs, Avishay Braverman, who following the dramatic vote declared that “anyone familiar with the issue knows this marks great success for the social struggle I led over the past year.”


The objectors to the decision, alongside a few righteous souls, included the Shas ministers – yet not because of the awakening of their Jewish heart and morality, heaven forbid, but rather ,the other way around – in protest of the expulsion not being cruel and extensive enough. What a crazy government we have.


Where’s our common sense?

Do you get it? This display of arbitrariness is considered the lesser of evils, a victory for moderates through a far-reaching compromise: Only 400 children will be expelled, while another 800 will be allowed to stay.


As it turns out, this is the existential threat that was faced by the government of Israel on Sunday: A total of 400 Israeli-born children who may have, heaven forbid, ended up graduating high school and joining the army.


What the hell would happen had we let these 400 ticking bombs stay here and applied a clear immigration policy, as harsh as it may be, from this day on?


But let’s put morality aside. How about a little common sense? After all, we should start wondering about the logistical details of this transfer. Will they send them away in airplanes? On trucks? Just think of the images. Just think of the implications.



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