Jacob Turkel
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Troops got the job done

Op-ed: Committee probing flotilla raid should keep in mind that operation was successful

Your honor, Judge Turkel:


We bear no grudge against you over the great honor and respect you currently enjoy, while leading the commission of inquiry into the flotilla raid and questioning our leaders.


The media naturally proceed to eagerly cover whatever takes place in this probe. The journalists look for contradictions in the testimonies and raise difficult questions. However, if we may, a quick reminder is in order.


The committee members who are currently engaged in a thorough investigation of the IDF operation should keep one thing in mind: The operation succeeded, Goddamnit. It was an absolute success.


The soldiers who took part in the raid completed the mission presented to them by their commanders. The army was able to implement the orders issued by the political leadership. The flotilla was stopped, our sovereignty was safeguarded, and our troops returned to their bases safely.


It is fine to investigate, Mr. Turkel, and it’s ok that we have had about 30 other commissions of inquiry looking into this thing; after all, the world wants to see us torturing ourselves for killing terrorists.


But make no mistake about it, committee members: The Israeli people are fully satisfied with our Navy commandoes and their commanders.


It is possible that there are some people out there in the world who expected to see the terrorists on the ship left unhurt, while Israeli soldiers get killed, yet that’s their business.


So keep investigating, Mr. Turkel, but remember: You are looking into the failures that led to success.



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