Yigal Amir. State taking revenge?
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Trembovler. Unprecedented
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Yigal Amir's wife: He's being tortured

Supreme Court discusses appeal filed by PM Rabin's murderer over decision to keep him in solitary confinement for six additional months. 'Terrorists are not forced to regret their acts in,' his wife Larisa says before session. State says willing to add another prisoner into Amir's cell

The Supreme Court on Monday discussed an appeal filed by Yigal Amir, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's murderer, over the decision to leave him in solitary confinement for six additional months. During the discussion it was revealed that the State is willing to consider adding another prisoner into Amir's cell, but that he objects.


Amir said during the discussion that the Shin Bet had an interest and that all he was asking was to be moved to a regular wing. "I would like to state that I have no plans to spread a doctrine. I don't know what doctrine they're talking about. What I did was at that time. If I spread a doctrine they can send me back."


He argued that "in the first years the authorities did not mention the security issue and only later added additional claims." The State Prosecutor's Office representative responded by saying that "we believe there was nothing wrong with the other decisions. The claims regarding the Shin Bet are groundless and were meant for the press."


Amir's wife, Larisa Trembovler, said before the session that "no one has spoken to him. Why doesn't the Shin Bet speak to him to examine his condition? He is being held under conditions defined as torture in the entire world."


Trembvoler added that "it is forbidden by law to keep a person in solitary confinement for more than half a year, and in his case it's already been 15 years, which is unprecedented. Every six month the State gets an automatic approval. His conditions in solitary confinement are very difficult."


She said that her husband was "a very strong person and a man of faith, and that's what keeps him strong. Regret is not a condition for coming out or being kept in solitary confinement. Terrorists are not forced to regret their acts in order to be removed from solitary confinement. What ideological doctrine does he have? He has no doctrine."

Amir's wife and father. 'No ideological doctrine' (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)


Amir's father, Shomo, said that "the State has closed him in completely. Are all murderers closed in? What difference does it make if he murdered a prime minister? Murder is murder. The State is just taking revenge on him. I regret what he did, but he doesn't. Any prisoner who has done dangerous things is not defined as dangerous, but a person who thinks he saved the people of Israel is dangerous? Why seek revenge against a person for no reason?"


Amir's brother added, "I haven't seen him in two and a half years. This is my chance to see him."


Amir's lawyer, Attorney AVI Moskowitz of the Public Defender's Office, said during the discussion that "the Shin Bet has an unsettled score with Amir. It's clear that since the terrible incident the Shin Bet has been carrying a scar which won't let it go."


He added that "the Shin Bet is invoking recycling information that has no relevance."


During the discussion, Amir tried to respond to the claim that he would spread his doctrine among fellow prisoners, but was stopped by Judge Miriam Naor. Attorney Moskowitz said, "I did not hear any motivation for spreading one doctrine or another. He had full of chances. He is paying a heavy price for his act."


State: Amir holding on to radical doctrine

According to the State, Prosecutor's Office, Amir is still dangerous. The Shin Bet has information suggesting that Amir would try to "spread his word" among the prisoners should he leave solitary confinement, the State told the court.


"Amir is a role model for extreme elements and is working to spread his radical doctrine among the masses. It is feared he would encourage others to perform similar acts," the State's response noted.

Amir has told the court that "what I did was a one-time thing. I have no doctrine to spread."


It was further stated that the Prison Service estimates that Amir's life would be in danger should he be among other prisoners. It is feared the other inmates would try to take revenge on him for his crimes.


On Sunday, the prime minister's murderer received the support of the Physicians for Human Rights organization, which called for his removal from solitary confinement.


"Even if we are talking about Yigal Amir, there's no reason for him to lose his sanity in solitary confinement," the organization wrote in a memo received by Ynet. The group also called on the health system to oppose to solitary confinement in general, saying it cases mental damage.



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