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Photo: Yariv Katz

Turkey is like Iran

Op-ed: Erdogan threatens regional stability with his thuggish, megalomaniac behavior

The WikiLeaks documents confirmed the great American and European anxiety over the dangerous regime in power in Turkey. At this time, there are two Middle Eastern entities already controlled by Muslim Brotherhood parties: Hamas in Gaza and Erdogan in Ankara. One should not be surprised to see the friendly ties between the Turkish regime and Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah: We are dealing with political Islam movements that use any means possible in order to take power and threaten others.


In the past, Turkey served as an important pro-Western anchor in the Middle East and played a stabilizing, responsible and constructive role. Today, it constitutes a threat and jeopardizes most Arab regimes, and also Israel, being a focal point of shocks and tensions. Erdogan is threatening regional stability with his thuggish, megalomaniac behavior and with his support for axis of evil elements.


The regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority and many others are greatly disturbed by the new, aggressive player that suddenly emerged against them. While everyone knows that Iran is an enemy, the current regime in Turkey still hides behind the glory of previous Turkish regimes which were friends of the West.


We better understand that we are dealing with a hostile regime that has no intention of giving up power in Turkey.


And now came Erdogan’s latest statement in Beirut, whereby “Turkey won’t remain silent” in case of a new war between Israel and Hamas or Hezbollah and made the threat substantive. From now own, according to its own declaration, Turkey is a potential military foe of Israel and may embark on war against us.


Kick Turkey out of NATO

There is no choice: The time has come to change the global policy vis-à-vis the Turkish regime. The current state of affairs where Erdogan increasingly joins forces with the global axis of evil and provokes the Middle East, without paying a price for it, must draw to an end.


The US Congress must not approve any more advance arms deals with Turkey – for example, the F-35 stealth aircraft, which Ankara seeks. After all, these jets’ secrets may end up being transferred to Iran or used against Israel. Anyone who seeks to maintain Israel’s military advantage must not approve the sale of advanced weapons to Turkey. Meanwhile, the Turkish army at this time must be counted among Israel’s enemies, not its friends.


It’s also unthinkable that Turkey shall remain a member of NATO, as it engages in military cooperation with Iran and China, two states considered NATO enemies. According to WikiLeaks, Turkey transferred through its territory military and nuclear materials to Iran; Ankara itself reported that it engaged in joint Air Force exercises with China. How can such state, which may hand over NATO’s secrets to its enemies, be trusted? Turkey in NATO is like having Iran in NATO.


The Turkish foreign minister, who was characterized as a very dangerous man by the Americans, is of course playing dumb in Washington. However, it must be made clear to him and his masters that from now on Congress shall closely monitor Turkey. Should it reassume a responsible role in the Mideast, the US shall continue to assist it. Yet should it continue to issue threats and conduct itself thuggishly, America will consider imposing sanctions on it, as is the case with Syria.


After all, what is the difference between Turkey and Syria when both of them assist terrorists? Yet while Assad’s regime is secular and somewhat responsible (Assad asked Erdogan to calm down after the latte went wild following the flotilla affair,) the current Turkish government is a classic Muslim Brotherhood regime.


Erdogan himself misses no opportunity to engage in the wildest incitement against Israel. Europe has already changed its attitude to his regime, and today he has no chance of being accepted into the European Union. The time has come for the US Congress to also gravely address the growing Turkish threat.



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