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Op-ed: WikiLeaks proved that notion of Palestinian problem’s centrality was a myth

Several major lacunae are obvious from the windfall of confidential diplomatic documents that have become available. Pay attention to what's not there.


  • WikiLeaks: Full Ynetnews coverage


First, there was and is no coherent policy, especially with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and little understanding of terrorism and how to eliminate it. Instead of building coalitions, working out strategies, and focusing on terrorist infrastructures, diplomats spent time spying on each other, and gabbing, with little, or nothing to show for it.


A great deal of shadow-boxing, but no one got into the ring.


Second, according to the leaked documents, President Shimon Peres' comment that the Oslo Accords were a mistake is not new; he and nearly everyone else involved have admitted it. Yet, those who are responsible for that mess not only insist on perpetuating it, but insist on its full implementation, via the Saudi/Arab/Geneva Initiatives and other surrender plans.


One of the greatest blunders in Israeli history, the Oslo Accords, has never been investigated.


Third, the centrality of resolving the Palestinian problem, and the urgency attached was a myth; yet, some Israeli politicians – and most media - continue to promote it.


Finally, it is likely that public and persistent calls for attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, especially by Israeli and US politicians and pundits, deterred Arab countries from launching their own actions quietly and indirectly, not wanting to be seen as pro-West/anti-Muslim. Iran can and should be dealt with by those Muslim countries it threatens.


This is important since countries, companies and banks that built and supplied Iran and continue to do so, directly and indirectly, are well known. Sanctions may squeeze Iran, but will have little effect on stopping its nuclear ambitions.


Ironically, the more Israel threatened to initiate an attack on Iran, the less likely it could have happened. In other words, Israel's focus on Iran hyped public concern in Israel and served to divert attention from domestic issues.


Where are Israel’s whistleblowers?

Israeli leaders, for example, used the Iranian threat as an excuse to stop settlement building and destroy Jewish homes, arguing that it was necessary in order to secure American assistance against Iran. That was a false and misleading premise.


Israeli leaders should conclude, no doubt, that this US Administration cannot be counted on in future confrontations with Arab countries, their terrorist proxies, and independent terrorist groups. Oozing from the leaked documents are not insights and principles, but intrigue and betrayal. Israel will be sold out faster than you can say Wikileaks.


This is a warning of the extent to which opponents of settlements will use every means at their disposal to carry out their agenda regardless of the consequences. Yet, no policy review will be initiated in Knesset with MK Shaul Mofaz's chairmanship of the Defense and Foreign Affairs committee, since he is part of the subterfuge.


Those responsible for the Oslo Accords and its successors, and those who continue to promote it, funded by foreign governments, against Israeli national interests, without transparency, owe the Israeli people an explanation. Israeli political leaders involved in promoting and protecting this scandal should be investigated.


Where are Israel's whistleblowers and document-leakers who will expose this mess?



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