Dagan. 'Deep commitment to Jewish people'
Photo: Yaron Brener

Mossad chief bids farewell to government

Before handing reins over to Tamir Pardo, Meir Dagan says successor 'facing difficult, complicated and complex challenges'

Outgoing Mossad Director Meir Dagan on Sunday bid farewell to the government ministers on Sunday during the weekly cabinet meeting.


"I did my best. This weekend, I will hand the reins over to Tamir (Pardo). This is a proper and worthy appointment. He is facing difficult, complicated and complex challenges. I wish him success from the bottom of my heart," Dagan said In a rare public statement and was applauded by the ministers.


"I am completing more than 43 years in the service of the State, and eight years in which I had the right and the honor to lead the Mossad. I was appointed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, acted under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and was fully backed by them.


"I would like to thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, and hope that you and the Israeli government take us to a haven of peace and security and strengthen the connection with the Diaspora Jews."


Dagan went on to thank the Mossad people as well. "We are talking about an excellent and unique group of men and women who are creative, daring and have a sense of mission. They work night and day without receiving recognition, awards or group backing. They work without the help of planes or armored forces, and in many cases – without any rescue abilities.


"Their weapon is intelligence and courage. They can't tell the people closest to them about their work. Loneliness is a regular partner."


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Dagan for his work. "I can't talk about all the actions you were involved in, but I would like to thank you on my behalf, on behalf of my ministers, and on behalf of the citizens of Israel and the entire Jewish people about the unattainable things you did for us."


Netanyahu said that about a year ago, when he visited Dagan's office, his noticed a picture on the wall of an old Jewish man kneeling in front of Nazis. "I asked you who he was, and you said it was your grandfather. You told me he was murdered, and I said that it made understand your deep commitment to making sure that no one would ever be able to act on the threat of destroying the Jewish people."



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